Alice in Wonderland

Marvelous Hand-painted Cheshire Cat Birthday Cake

Cheshire Cat Cake

This Marvelous Hand-painted Cheshire Cat birthday cake has the pink cat sporting his toothy grin. The cake has matching pink painted flowers with blue leaves on the cake.  It reminds me of a cute child’s wallpaper pattern. The cake is done in vibrant colors which really makes the Cheshire Cat stand out and look almost 3D.

This wonderful cake was made by Marielly Parra from Ponquecitos and Cakes. 

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Colorful Multi-tiered Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

Alice in Wonderland Cake

This Colorful Alice in Wonderland Birthday cake was made by Carmen Lordache.

Alice in Wonderland cake

At the very top of the cake, a purple mouse is popping out of a golden teapot. He is wearing the lid as a hat. Below the teapot is a purple and green Mad Hatter’s hat with a 10/6 card on the side.

Many colorful flowers are beneath the hat.

Alice In Wonderland Cake

The bottom tier is dark purple and has the face of the Cheshire cat on the side. A 3-D Alice is sitting on the top of the tier.She is wearing her blue and white dress. A 3-D White Rabbit is standing on the tier. He is holding his golden pocketwatch in his hand. 

The middle tier is bright green and matches the leaves and stems of the flowers. A purple and yellow flower with a face is above and to the side of Alice’s head.  A purple and pink flower with a face is beside the White Rabbit. The birthday name is written in pink letters on this tier.

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Marvelous Alice In Wonderland White Rabbit Hand-Painted Cake

Alice In Wonderland Cake

This wonderful Alice In Wonderland Cake was made by Marielly Parra from Ponquecitos and Cakes.

This marvelous White Rabbit hand-painted cake is a two-tiered cake with the White Rabbit on the side of the cake hurrying to his next appointment. He is holding a blue umbrella in his hand.

A 3-D version of his gold pocketwatch is in front of him.  The small door Alice must go through is on the cake tier below him. The green and pink hat of the Mad Hatter is on top of the cake.

The cake board is painted to look like the planks of a wooden floor. The brown at the top and bottom of the bottom tier blends in nicely with the wood pattern on the cake board. 

Red hearts are painted on the bottom tier of the cake and pink flowers are the background of the top tier. It looks like a dainty wallpaper pattern since the cake tiers are mostly white. 

Alice In Wonderland Cake

I wonder if this terrific hat is another cake tier or if it was made using something like Rice Krispies Treats covered in modeling chocolate or fondant. The brim of the hat looks like modeling chocolate.

Alice In Wonderland Cake

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