Disney Villains

Disney Witches Cake

Disney Female Villains Cake

Disney Witches Cake

This Disney witches cake features Ursula on top with the Snow Witch, Dragon Maleficent, and Winnie Sanderson from Hocus Pocus on the front of this fondant stone castle cake. Each figure was wonderfully created in sugarpaste.

This wonderful cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company.

The focus of this cake is Ursula.  She covers the entire troop of the cake so your eyes are drawn to her. She is holding a skull in her hand. The cake is made to look like an old stone castle with black spires.   Winnie Sanderson also stands out because she is wearing a colorful green dress with purple trim.  Your eyes are drawn to the green.

Disney Villains Cake

Orange pumpkins are around the cake. Notice the single red apple in front of the Snow Witch.

Ursula Cake

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4 Gorgeous Disney Villains Cakes

Funko Pop Ursula Cake

Funko Pop Ursula Cake

Funko Pop Ursula Cake

This splendid Funko Pop Ursula cake is a sculptured cake. The cake board is covered in blue to represent the ocean water. This Little Mermaid villain has purple face and arms with black body and tentacles. The moray eels, Flotsam and Jetsam, are on her shoulders. 

This wonderful cake was made by Victoria White Cake Design.

This cake is part of the Funko Pop Cake collaboration by Sugar Junkies Collaborations.

Funko Pop Ursula Cake

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Splendid Hand-Painted Maleficent Cake


Maleficent Cake

This Splendid hand-painted Maleficent cake is two tiers.

This wonderful cake was made by Silvana Ribeiro Cake Designer

Firstly, the bottom tier is a scene with large thorns grown up around the castle. I like the way the painting is layered. 

The castle wall is in the background the furthest away and is painted gray. Finally the outer layer of thorns is painted black to show that it is the closest. 

Next, the top tier is offset toward the back. Up against it rests a portrait of Maleficent painted onto a piece of fondant.

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Would You Rather Be A Disney Princess or Villain?

Disney Princess and Villain Cookies

These wonderful Disney Princess and Villain Cookies were made by Punky’s Sugar Shoppe. These cookies feature Belle, Hades, Maleficent, Ursula, Ariel, and Rapunzel with Pascal.

Disney Princess Cookies

One thing I really like about Tara’s cookies is that she uses a halo effect around her characters. The background color around each character is light and the edges are darker. This makes the characters stand out more.

Disney Villain Cookies

I’ve always thought that one of the things that makes Disney’s animated films so popular is that they have great villains.  I’m not the least bit surprised that Maleficent has been featured in her own movies because she was such a dynamic character in Sleeping Beauty. I’d love to see Disney do something similar with Ursula.  I think she is another fascinating character who could carry her own movie.