Little Mermaid Easter Egg

Ζάχαρη makes wonderful chocolate Easter Eggs.  These Disney Princess Easter Eggs remind me of the hollow sugar eggs I used to make with my mother.

This Little Mermaid egg is pink and blue and is decorated with pearls and a sea shell, and has Ariel in the in the hollow.


Princess Belle Easter Egg

This Belle chocolate egg is yellow and decorated with red and blue roses.


Snow White Easter Egg

This Snow White chocolate egg is yellow and decorated with apples.  There is a mirror at the top and the hollow is decorated with blue curtains.  The curtains are such a beautiful touch.


Princess Elsa Easter Egg

Elsa’s egg is ice blue and decorated with snow and ice.


Cinderella Easter Egg

Cinderella’s egg is blue. It has a golden pattern around the hollow.  There is a crown on top of the egg and a castle on the side.  In a brilliant touch, directly above Cinderella is a clock about to strike midnight.

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Harry Potter Chocolate Easter Eggs

These may be the coolest chocolate Easter Eggs I’ve ever seen. On the outside they have the Hogwarts seal.  When you crack them open, magic stars flow out and you find a scroll inside. Unravel the scroll to find out which house you’ve been sorted into. 

How cool is that?

These magical Harry Potter Easter Eggs were made by Ζάχαρη.