PAW Patrol

Splendid PAW Patrol 5th Birthday Cake

Paw Patrol Cake

This splendid PAW Patrol cake is a two tier birthday cake that features many of the PAW Patrol characters.

Ryder and Marshall are standing on the cake board. Marshall is wearing his red fire helmet.

The bottom tier of the cake is red and has the PAW Patrol shield and the birthday child’s name written on the bone at the bottom of the shield.

The top tier of the cake is blue with white paws. Chase and Rocky are on top of the cake.  A number 5 is between them to represent the birthday age.

The Lookout Tower is behind Ryder.

I do not know who made this wonderful cake.

Paw Patrol cake

Here’s a close-up of Chase and Rocky.

Paw Patrol Cake

Cute Ryder and Chase PAW Patrol Cake

Ryder and Chase Cake

This cute PAW Patrol cake features the Lookout Tower, Ryder, and Chase.

This wonderful cake was made by Tatyana Kitina.

The top of the cake has an edible version of the Lookout Tower. Chase and Ryder are in front of it.

The cake is painted to look like the sky with clouds. A shield that looks a lot like the PAW Patrol shield has the birthday name written in the dog bone and the birthday age written in blue on the shield.

On top of the cake is a patch of green grass with the characters and the tower.


Ryder and Chase Cake

Here’s a close-up of Chase licking Ryder. 

Marvelous PAW Patrol Cake

Paw Patrol Cake

This marvelous PAW Patrol cake is a two-tiered cake that has edible hand sculpted figures of Chase, Marshall, and Rocky on the top of the cake. 

Rubble, Skye, and Zuma are at the bottom of the cake.

This baker makes terrific edible figures.

This wonderful cake was made by Torte decorate di Stefy.

Paw Patrol Cake 4

Here’s a close-up of Marshall, Chase, and Rocky. The PAW Patrol shield has the birthday age.

A dog bone has the birthday name.

Paw Patrol Cake 3

Here’s a close-up of Rubble, Skye, and Zuma.

Paw Patrol Cake 2