Batman: The Animated Series Pumpkin

This pumpkin carving has Batman swinging over Gotham City

Batman: The Animated Series Pumpkin

This awesome Batman: The Animated Series Pumpkin was carved by Pop Culture Pumpkins. Since The Animated Series is my favorite version of Batman, I wanted to share this. The carving features a close-up of the animated version of Batman. He is swinging on a bat-rope. He has one hand out in front of him and the other hand is behind him and holding the rope. The air is blowing his cape up and back. So even though we’re seeing Batman from the front, you get a terrific view of his cape.  To both sides of Batman are the Art Deco high rises of Gotham City. This is such a great image and a wonderful pumpkin.

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The detail on this Two-Face Pumpkin is absolutely stunning.

This 3-D Joker Pumpkin Carving is amazing.

I also really like Batman ’66, so I adore this Adam West’s Batman pumpkin.

Painted Oogie Boogie Pumpkin

Painted pumpkin of Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Painted Oogie Boogie Pumpkin

This gorgeous Painted Oogie Boogie Pumpkin was created by Kimberly Joy

If you’ve never visited Kimberly’s Instagram, you are in for a treat. She specializes in fan art, pet portraits and painted rocks. My favorite thing are her Disney shoes. They are so pretty, it would be difficult to wear them.

This lovely pumpkin features Oogie Boogie. He is holding a pair of dice. The yellow and purple giant snake is in front of Oogie and his tail wraps over the arm holding the dice. Lock, Shock and Barrel are on the sides of the pumpkin. One has a lollypop and another has a slingshot aimed at the bogeyman.

The burlap that makes up Oogie Boogie’s body is brown. His mouth and eyes are black and purple. There is a large grey spiderweb behind him and a bright yellow sun behind the spiderweb.

As is the case with all of Kimberly’s artwork, the colors just pop. You’d think that a brown burlap bogeyman would look drab, but Kimberly uses so many bright colors around him that Oogie Boogie pops. Because he is the darkest part of the painting, he is what your eyes are drawn to.

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This great Jack Skellington Pumpkin has Jack trying to scare you!

This wonderful Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin features Jack and Zero, the ghost dog.

This romantic pumpkin carving has Jack and Sally looking lovingly at each other while Zero flies overhead.

3-D Baby Yoda Pumpkin

3-D pumpkin carving of Baby Yoda in his pram

3-D Baby Yoda Pumpkin

This amazing 3-D Baby Yoda Pumpkin was made by Marc Evan from Maniac Pumpkins. It features Grogu in his pram. The detail on Baby Yoda is wonderful.

I really like how his eyes are the only part colored in because that becomes the focal point. When you look at the pumpkin, it looks like Yoda is looking back at you.

My favorite part of the design is the way Marc carved the pumpkin so that it reminds you of Baby Yoda’s pram. It is clearly a pumpkin. But, because of the way it is shaped and has joints on the sides and control buttons on the front, it is also instantly recognizable as Grogu’s pram. This is such a brilliant design.

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Here is another Baby Yoda pumpkin carved by Marc.

This is a pair of pumpkins – one of the Mandalorian and one of Baby Yoda.

The different textures on this carving of Grogu is amazing.

This pumpkin of Baby Yoda in his pram is so detailed that you can see the hair on his head.

Painted Little Mermaid Pumpkins

Painted pumpkins of Ariel, Ursula, Eric, Chef Louis & Sebastian

Painted Little Mermaid Pumpkins

These wonderful painted Little Mermaid Pumpkins were created by Bridget McCarty There are five pumpkins in this set – Ariel, Ursula, Eric, Chef Louis & Sebastian.


Painted pumpkin of Ariel, the Little Mermaid



Painted pumpkin of Ursula, the sea witch


The dark colors really pop on this pumpkin. The close-up of Ursula’s face is terrific.


Painted pumpkin of Chef Louis from the Little Mermaid

Chef Louis

I love that Bridget included Chef Louis. He is a minor character, but he is so much fun. I was a fan of Rene Auberjonois, so I really liked that he had a song in the Little Mermaid.