Captain America Pumpkin

Captain America Pumpkin

Captain America Pumpkin

This marvelous Captain America Pumpkin carving was created by Maniac Pumpkin Carvers. It features Chris Evans as Captain America. He is charging towards you and is about to knock you over with his shield. Most pumpkins feature characters in a static pose, so the action on this pumpkin makes it really stand out.


Dumbo Pumpkin

Dumbo Pumpkin Carving

Dumbo Pumpkin Carving

Robert Kriess carved this cute Dumbo Pumpkin. This adorable pumpkin features Dumbo wearing his circus outfit. Timothy Mouse is standing beside Dumbo. I really like how Robert carved Dumbo so that the brightest part of the whole pumpkin is his eyes. This is a spectacular pumpkin.

This is the first Dumbo Pumpkin Carving I’ve featured. But, I’ve featured dozens of other Disney Pumpkins. Here are three of my favorites:

Sally & Jack Skellington Pumpkin

Jack Skellington & Sally Pumpkin Carving

Jack Skellington & Sally Pumpkin Carving

This lovely Sally & Jack Skellington Pumpkin Carving was created by Joey Edwards. It features the couple dancing while smiling and looking into each other eyes.  Zero the ghost dog is flying near their heads.  The detail on this carving is amazing. Look at the intricate pattern on Sally’s dress. 

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Gravity Defying Genie Pumpkin Carving

Genie Pumpkin

Gravity Defying Genie Pumpkin

This magical gravity defying Genie Pumpkin Carving was made by The Pumpkin Artist.

Brandy must have used up one of her three wishes to make this masterpiece. The pumpkin carving is Aladdin’s Lamp with wisp of smoke and the Genie appearing.  The the thing that makes this so stunning is that the Genie is the pumpkin and the lamp is beneath it.

Brandy posted a video on Instagram that shows how she made this beautiful carving:



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Here is Brandy’s description of the video:

Here is a short video clip of my Genie and the Lamp pumpkin carving.

In the second half of the clip I show that the lamp is a piece of pumpkin I carved in forced perspective style, which allows me to make it appear to have more depth than it actually does.

Also, if you notice that the Genie pumpkin looks a bit different in the second half of the clip, that’s because it was filmed before I cut out the sides of pumpkin around Genie’s character, which I’m really glad I ended up doing because it gave it that nice pop of contrast it really needed. I’ll post a side by side of the before and after in the coming days.

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