Sleeping Beauty Castle Cake

This Awesome Sleeping Beauty Castle Cake is a huge 3-D edible model of this Disney castle. This amazing cake was made by Claud Art Sugar.

This cake took 1st place in the Birthday Cake category at Cake Fest Exponor on October 2015 in Portugal.

This wonderful cake is an elaborate edible 3-D model of the castle. It has a stone path up to the castle gate. There are pink towers with blue roofs and gold spires on top. 

The castle is surrounded on either side by large rocks. The ones on the castle’s right have green grass and bushes.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Cake

This cake reminds me a lot of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland. It was based on Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany. This is the prettiest building in the park and is seventy-seven feet tall. In 1957, people could walk through the castle and see dioramas featuring Sleeping Beauty. It was closed in 2001. It reopened 2008 and even has a section where people who are unable to climb stairs can virtually walk through the castle and see the Sleeping Beauty scenes. 

Sleeping Beauty Castle Cake

Sleeping Beauty Castle Cake

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Sleeping Beauty Cucpakes

These Fabulous Sleeping Beauty Cupcakes were made by The Cake Cuppery. 

These Disney cupcakes were made for A Step Back In Time Cupcake Collaboration where cupcakes artists created miniature works of art based on their favorite a Disney classic animated movie.

These Wonderful Disney Princess Cupcakes feature Princess Aurora asleep with the spinning wheel, Aurora’s birthday cake, Maleficent as the dragon, a Maleficent mask, and Prince Phillip sword and shield.

Princess Aurora Cupcake

Briar Rose is lying on the floor asleep. There is a red rose in front of her and the spinning wheel where she pricked her finger is behind her.

Malificent Cupcake

This is an awesome figure of Maleficent as the Dragon that hinders Prince Phillip from reaching the castle to rescue Sleeping Beauty.

Meleficent Cupcake

Here’s a Maleficent Mask and her wand.

Prince Phillip Cupcake

Prince Phillip’s red cape and shield and sword with the raven from Maleficent.

Sleeping Beauty Cupcake

Here’s the cake that the three fairies first made for Princess Aurora before they fixed it with magic. The three diary hats are beside the cake.

Sleeping Beauty Cupcakes

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Sleeping Beauty Castle Cake

This Terrific Disney Sleeping Beauty Castle Cake was made by Cuteology Cakes. This Marvelous Disney Cake is based on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland.

The walls and towers of the castle are a gray brick pattern with some bricks painted light blue and some painted gold. There are black windows on some of the towers. The Portcullis, or heavy grilled door, in the front of the castle is gold. The spires and slanted roofs of the castle are shiny blue brick.  Several of them have little gold balls on top. The very top of the middle section of the castle is pink and the tallest tower is pink with a blue top. The outermost towers are gray brick with gold brick on top and then blue spire tops. The turrets are pink with blue spires on top and a small gold ball on top of the blue spire. There are two gold framed windows in the front of the castle above the Portcullis. There is a golden object just above the doorway on the cake that in real castle is the Disney Family Coat of Arms.

The cake board is covered in green and has a cobblestone walkway leading up to the castle door. There are green bushes beside the castle. 

The cake is over two feet high. The cake board is two feet by two feet. The castle and cake board are decorated using fondant and gold details handprinted onto the castle.

I wanted to mention a piece of trivia that I happened upon while researching this cake. Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle has a working drawbridge that has only been publicly raised and lowered twice.  Once in 1955 when the park opened and again in 1983 when Fantasyland was rededicated. It is the only Disney castle with a working drawbridge.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Cake

A friend of the baker made a edited picture of the cake to show fireworks and a nighttime sky behind the castle.

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Sleeping Beauty Bento Box

This Sleeping Beauty Bento Box was made by Les Folies de Lau-Lotte. Sleeping Beauty is fast asleep in this lunch-time meal. She is resting on a bed of rice. She has long yellow hair and yellow bangs and yellow eye brows which appear to be made from cheese. The closed eyes, nose, and mouth are drawn onto her face. Ketchup was used to draw her mouth. Her hands are separate pieces on top of her body. She dress was probably made from ham to make it light pink. Two pink sausages lay beside her head. Vegetable pancakes are beside the two sausages. One pink sausage is beside her hands.

The bento box is composed of rice, pork, ham, and chicken, egg, cheese, nori, ketchup, and vegetable pancakes. There are pink sausages.

The box that hold the lunch looks like an ornate old black book with an embossed gold design.

Sleeping Beauty Bento Box

Bento Box book

Sleeping Seauty Bento Box

Bento Boxes that look like old books

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Also, check out these wonderful Sleeping Beauty Cakes and Cookies.