Snow White

Red & Blue Snow White Cake

Red & Blue Snow White Cake

Red & Blue Snow White Cake

This red & blue Snow White cake is a multi-tiered cake that features a watercolor drawing of her as the focus of the cake. The bottom cake tier is red with blue swags of fondant. The middle layer is blue with blue glitter stripes. The next tier is covered in embossed red fondant and has the drawing of Snow White. The top tier is blue with gold trim at the bottom. A gold apple outline is on the top of the cake.  I like the use of color on this cake. 

This wonderful cake was made byArte Da Ka.


Snow White Cake

Here’s a close-up of the watercolor drawing with Snow White holding an apple in her hand.

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Hand-painted Grumpy cookie

This Grumpy Cookie Will Make You Smile

Grumpy Cookie

Grumpy Cookie

This adorable Grumpy Cookie was made by Glass Slipper Goodies.

It features Grumpy in the mine “where a million diamonds shine”. Grumpy’s pick-axe is right side up and he is leaning on the top of it. In the mine wall behind him diamonds and rubies shine. 

The use of colors on this cookie is terrific. The mine wall, diamonds and rubies are shaded slightly lighter, so they look like they are in the background. Plus, the lighter colors make Grumpy really stand out. 

This wonderful Grumpy Cookie is guaranteed to make you smile!

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Terrific Cake Of Doc From Snow White

Doc - Snow White Cake

Doc – Snow White Cake

This Doc – Snow White cake is an excellent representation in cake form of  this Dwarf from Disney’s Snow White picking purple tulips in the forest with the help of a grey rabbit.

This wonderful cake was made by Jo Horton.

 This was her class project from Mike McCarey’s 2 week sculpting class. 

I love the detail of this cake. Doc is standing on one foot while holding a purple tulip up in the air.  Also, the bunny is standing on one foot while hold several purple tulips in this paws. 

Moreover, the cake board is green to represent grass.

Furthermore, I live the shading of his hat and orange coat and the various shades of gray for the rabbit’s fur.  It makes the whole edible scene look more realistic.

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Awesome Hand-painted Snow White Cake

Snow White Cake

This awesome hand-painted Snow White cake is a a multi-tiered cake with a red apple on top.

The top tier of the cake is yellow with a hand-painted portrait of Snow White. The next tier is blue with a portrait of the evil queen.

The next tier is light blue and has a painting of the dwarf’s cottage and green trees around it.

The bottom tier has portraits of each of the Seven Dwarfs.

This wonderful cake was made by Silvana Ribeiro Cake Design.

Snow White Cake

A close-up of Snow White and the evil queen.

Snow White Cake

The cottage and dwarfs

Snow White Cake

Here’s a close-up of Sleepy and Grumpy.

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