Awesome Borg Cube Cake With Working Lights

Borg Cube Cake

Yesterday, I featured an awesome BB-8 Cake made by Kreativ Torten. Today, I’m featuring their wonderful Borg Cake.  The cake even has working lights.

Here is Kreativ Torten’s description of this cool cake:

“We are the Borg … a good friend and a big Star Trek fan, got a Borg spaceship for his 40th birthday. The cube was 20cm x 20cm x 20cm in size and half filled with cream cheese / raspberry cream and half with tiramisu / nut cream.”


Borg Cube Cake

The detail on the Borg Cube is wonderful.


Borg Cube Cake

Things do not look good for the crew of the Enterprise!

Marvelous Star Trek Gorn Cake

Star Trek Gorn Cake

This marvelous Star Trek Gorn Cake was made by Flour Child (great name for a bakery!). The Gorn was hand sculpted from modeling chocolate.  The detail on both the Gorn and the cake are terrific.  The Gorn has a lizard like head with sharp teeth, and metallic silver eyes.  He is wearing an odd looking tunic and fingerless gloves.  Just like in the episode Arena, the Gorn is on a sandy terrain with large rocks on it.  The Original Series is my favorite incarnation of Star Trek and I really enjoy the problem solving and basic chemistry used in the episode Area, so I think this cake is out of this world!