Wonderful Winnie The Pooh / Doctor Who Mashup Cake

Doctor Who Cake

This Doctor Who Cake was made byNerd Ache Cakes.

This adorable cake creatively combines two of Great Britain’s most beloved characters: Winnie the Pooh and Doctor Who. Tigger is wearing a fez because he is dressed as Matt Smith, the current Doctor. I love the creativity that dressed Piglet as a Dalek. He looks so adorable with the cardboard body with painted on dots, the plunger, and the metal hat. The TARDIS, which is made to look like a roughly constructed wooden shack with a honey pot as the flashing light, just completes the adorableness of it all. Be sure to notice that “police box” is spelled in a Winnie the Pooh font. All together this must be the cutest mash up cake of all time.


Doctor Who Cake


Winnie the Pooh Cake

Piglet Cake

Tigger Cake

Doctor Who Cake


Nerd Ache Cakes also made these wonderful Doctor Who cupcakes:


Doctor Who Cupcakes


Awesome Exploding TARDIS Pumpkin Carving

Exploding TARDIS Pumpkin Carving

Exploding TARDIS Pumpkin Carving

Welcome to day 11 of 31 Days of Geeky Pumpkins!   

If you love pumpkins, I’ve got a treat for you!  Every day in October, Between the Pages will be featuring a different Geeky Pumpkin.  We’ve got beautiful hand painted pumpkins, sculptures made from multiple pumpkins, and pumpkin carvings that will blow your mind.  Check back each day because we will be featuring everything from Dracula, cuddly Ewoks, Olaf, Star Wars, and even Space 1999.

This Awesome Exploding TARDIS Pumpkin Carving was made by Doodled93. A side of the TARDIS is heading away from the rest of the TARDIS and there is a large yellow light of the explosion just in front of the TARDIS.


Exploding TARDIS Pumpkin Carving

This Doctor Who Pumpkin Carving took about six hours to carve using a variety of wood carving tools.


Exploding TARDIS Pumpkin Carving

Here’s a picture of the TARDIS Pumpkin Carving in the daylight.

Incredible Matt Smith and the TARDIS Cake

Doctor Who Cake

This Incredible Doctor Who Cake was made by Pink Cake Box.  Matt Smith, the eleventh Doctor, is standing outside the TARDIS with his sonic screwdriver in his hand. The TARDIS door is open so you can see the TARDIS console inside. 

This edible TARDIS has lights on the inside. This Doctor Who blue Police Box looks weathered like it has gone through quite some adventures while traveling through time. Matt Smith is wearing his bow tie and carrying his sonic screwdriver. He has just stepped out of the TARDIS, ready to encounter new aliens.

This cake was based on The Official Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Cake which was also made by Pink Cake Box.  There is a nice video about this TARDIS cake.