Wizard of Oz

Terrific Jack Pumpkinhead Pocket Watch Sculpture Cookie

Jack Pumpkinhead Cookie

This Terrific Jack Pumpkinhead Watch Cookie was made by Dany’s Cakes

This Marvelous Wizard of Oz cookie was made for the cookie Con Sugar Show. All of its moveable parts were made using gum paste and the base was a cookie. It has piped and hand painted details. There is a SugarVeil strap to hold everything together. 

The innermost part has Jack Pumpkinhead sitting on the ground surrounded by orange pumpkins and watch gears to represent vines. 

Jack Pumpkinhead is a character from L. Frank Baum’s second Oz book called The Marvelous Land of Oz.  Jack also appears in the Walt Disney movie Return to Oz. Jack was built by Princess Ozma to scare the witch Mombi. Mombi was scared, but then got angry so she decided to test a Powder of Life that she had just bought from some magician. The Powder of Life brought Jack Pumpkinhead to life. 

A interesting piece of trivia that I found out was that Jack Skeleton from Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas was inspired by Jack Pumpkinhead. 

Halloween Cookie

The inner cover for this Wizard Of Oz cookie is a silver Jack-O-Lantern.

Wizard of Oz Cookie

The outer cover for this Jack Pumpkinhead Pocket Sculpture Cookie is silver with silver filagree. Here’s a good view of the SugarVeil strap that holds the individual pieces together. 

Wizard of Oz Cookie

 Jack Pumpkinhead Watch

The Jack Pumpkinhead Watch cookie above was based on this marvelous metal pocket watch sculpture made by Sue Beatrice of All Natural Arts.

The Magical Typewriter Of L. Frank Baum

Wizard of Oz Cake

This marvelous Wizard of Oz Cake was made by Angela Penta Cakes. This cake won first place in the Wizard of Oz competition at the Cake Design Italian Festival. This cake features the antique typewriter of L. Frank Baum.  He is typing his famous book The Wizard of Oz.  Rising up from the typewriter are Dorothy, Toto, the Tin Woodman, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow.  This gorgeous cake is the most unique Wizard of Oz cake that I have ever seen.

The typewriter has a separate round key for each letter. The individual metal strikers for each key are in the middle of the typewriter. There is a black and red two spooled ribbon on the typewriter. The typewriter has the roller that holds the paper and it has the carriage return bar.  The cake board looks like an old wooden table with woodgrain and nails.

The baker’s inspiration for the cake was an old picture of L. Frank Baum, the author of The Wizard of Oz, sitting in front of his typewriter. She imagined the characters coming to life from the typewritten words of his story.

The cake is covered in fondant. The characters were hand painted to look like a book illustration.


Wizard of Oz Cake

Here’s a close-up picture of Dorothy, the Tin Woodman, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow coming to life from the typewriter. Dorothy is holding Toto in her hand. The Tin Woodman is facing the other characters and his back is facing the person sitting at the typewriter. The black and red ribbon is just below him.


Typewriter Cake

Here’s a side view of the typewriter.  Look closely and you’ll see a crumpled sheet of paper which I suspect is a diploma, a grey metal heart filled with gears which is probably a watch, and a medal which I’m guessing is for courage. 


Wizard of Oz Cake

The other side of the typewriter has poppies which I won’t sniff unless it is time for a nap and an apple which I’m guessing is from an enchanted tree.


Wizard of Oz Cake

There are three large books behind the typewriter.

Award Winning Wizard of Oz Pop-Up Book Cake

Wizard of Oz Pop-Up Book Cake

Wow!!! Talk about a magical cake!

Prima Cakes Plus made this magical Wizard of Oz Pop-up Book Cake.  It won 1st place at the Garden State Cake Show. 


Wizard of Oz Pop-Up Book Cake

Jennifer hand cut each panel from fondant mixed with tylose powder.  Then she airbrushed a base color layer on both sides of each panel.  Details of the figures, trees and windows were then added to both sides with food color gel. After everything was dry, she went back and added in the black outlines that are common in storybooks.


Wizard of Oz Pop-Up Book Cake

This is the back of the Emerald City.


Wizard of Oz Pop-Up Book Cake

Wizard of Oz Pop-Up Book Cake

Have you noticed something important? The Emerald City isn’t emerald.  Why?

These days most pop-up books have so many extra features in addition to just the pop-ups.  Jennifer decided to add one of these cool bonus features to her cake.  Beside the Emerald City are a pair of green spectacles which when worn turn the Emerald City green. THAT IS SO COOL!!! 


Wizard of Oz Pop-Up Book Cake

Jennifer says that if you look real close you can get a glimpse of the Cowardly lion through one of the doors. Dorothy, The Tin Man and The Scarecrow are there with him.  Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, it is the door  where the Yellow Brick Road ends, which makes perfect sense.

Follow The Yellow Brick Road Cake

Wizard Of Oz Cake

Paige from Devilish & Divine – Pastry and Dessert Caterers sent me this cool Wizard of Oz Cake that she made for a 6th grade musical.  Paige had a really cool idea for this cake.  Since this was for a musical, Paige scattered costume pieces from the musical all over the cake.



Wizard Of Oz Cake

The Wicked Witch of the West’s hat, The Tin Woodsman’s costume and his heart, and The Cowardly Lion’s costume and his medal for courage.



Wizard Of Oz Cake


Dorothy’s ruby red slippers and dress, Glenda’s crown, and the Scarecrow’s costume and diploma.