Adorable Star Wars Christmas Cake

Star Wars Christmas Cake

This adorable Star Wars Christmas Cake was made by Tara from Cloud Nine Confections.  Cloud Nine Confections is located in North Vancouver, BC and makes custom cakes for any and all occasions.


Star Wars Christmas Cake

My favorite thing about this cake is Yoda.  In Star Wars, Yoda is always shown as being very old.  I love the image of Yoda as a kid, standing by his Christmas Tree, waiting impatiently for Santa Claus.  I almost feel sorry for Santa!  He better give Yoda everything he asked for or Yoda has a present (aka his lightsaber) ready for Santa.


Star Wars Christmas Cake

If you look closely at the back of the cake, hidden among the snowflakes are Luke’s X-Wing and Vader’s TIE Fighter.

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