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Mindboggling Mario Kart Wedding Cake

Mario Kart Wedding Cake

This astonishing Mario Kart Wedding Cake was made by Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake which is located in Costa Mesa, California.  These pictures came from the Groom’s Flickr photostream.


Here are more pictures of this amazing cake:


Mario Kart Wedding Cake

The idea of the Princess Peach’s castle on a planet was inspired from Super Mario Galaxy.


Mario Kart Wedding Cake

Mario standing on a question block to receive a kiss from his princess. This idea came from the Super Mario Adventures comic series published in a 1992 Nintendo Power magazine. The design is also a personal one, the groom has had to step on apple boxes for portraits ever since high school.


Mario & Princess PeachLuigi

Luigi riding his green Classic Dragster on the Rainbow Road around a starry planet.



Toad driving his Cheep Charger through a snowy mountain filled with snowmen, penguins and Chain Chomps.



Yoshi on his very own Mach Bike.



The side of the mountain is covered with mushrooms, turtle shells and Piranha Plants.



Triple mushrooms and an item box.

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