Stunning Steampunk Smashing Pumpkins Cake


Steampunk Cake

This cake is one of the most interesting Steampunk cakes I’ve seen. In my opinion it gets double points for originality This cake is based on the Music video of the song “Tonight, Tonight” by The Smashing Pumpkins. The video is inspired by a 1902 French black and white silent film called “A Trip to the Moon”. Everything in this cake comes from the music video and I think the artist does a wonderful job of illustrating it. The blimp/submarine is made from Rice Krispies Treats. All decorations are fondant and gum paste. Gears were painted with luster dust and the cake is hand painted with gel colors. The bottom tier is covered with fondant and then covered with reflective scrapbook paper (which is the only inedible decoration besides the circular frame). The base is covered with fondant and carved and painted to look like wood.  This cake was made by Cake Central Member Crabbabs.  Below are more views of the cake.


Steampunk CakeSteampunk CakeSteampunk Cake


Here is the video on which the cake was based.