Alice in Wonderland Disney Villains

Awesome Alice in Wonderland Party Treats

Queen of Hearts Cookies

These Awesome Alice in Wonderland Party Treats were made by Sprinkle Bakes. These Alice in Wonderland Treats feature Queen of Hearts Cookies, a fondant Blue Caterpillar in a bed of mushroom cookies, White Rabbit Chocolate Pops, and Mad Hatter Cake Pops.   If you are having an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party, these Disney treats will be a big hit. Heather includes the recipe for the mushroom cookies on her site.


Mad Hatter Cake Pop

This Mad Hatter Cake Pop was made using a marshmallow covered in fondant.


Alice in Wonderland Cookie

Queen of Hearts Cookie


Alice in Wonderland Chocolate Pops

White Rabbit Chocolate Pops


Alice in Wonderland Cookies

Blue Caterpillar surrounded by mushroom cookies

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