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Marvelous Disney Frozen Cake

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This Marvelous Disney Frozen Cake was made by Cake Central Member KOs Cakes. This Disney cake features Sven and Olaf in a wonderful winter background. They were made from modeling chocolate. 

This is a two tier cake. The bottom tier has a wintery scene on the side. There are snow covered trees and a blue and white sky. The land at the bottom is gray and white. The wintery trees were made using modeling chocolate.

The top layer of the cake is light purple with large white snowflakes and dripping frozen ice cycles on the side of the cake.  Snowflakes and ice cycles were made using Isomalt.


Olaf Cake

Here’s a close-up of Olaf and Sven. Sven has on a red harness. He is standing tall with his large antlers up in the air above him.  Olaf is standing beside him with a grin on his face. Olaf looks like he is about to pet Sven.


Sven Cake

This side view of the cake shows Sven’s brown and white fur and his red harness. The back of Olaf’s head can be seen. 

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