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How to Make Han Solo in Carbonite JELL-O Jigglers

Han Solo in Carbonite JELL-O Jigglers

I made Han Solo in Carbonite JELL-O Jigglers for a family party and wanted to pass along how I made it.

1. I purchased a Han Solo in Carbonite Silicone Mold. They’re sold on Amazon.


Han Solo in Carbonite Silicon Mold



2. I purchased orange and yellow JELL-O.  I found that the design showed up better with the orange JELL-O than the yellow JELL-O. It was hard to see the design in the yellow because the yellow was so light.

3. I mixed up the JELL-O. I first used the recipe for JELL-O Jigglers on the box.  The JELL-O seemed too easy to break as it came out of the mold, so next time I used about 25% less water.  For a small box of JELL-O, I used just under 1/2 cup of water.  For a large box of JELL-O I used just under 1 cup of water.  I mixed up the JELL-O very well. I placed the mold on a plate to keep it rigid and then poured the JELL-O into the silicone mold using a cup with a spout.

4. I placed the mold into the refrigerator and let set for several hours. 

5. When it was done, I removed it from the refrigerator and placed in a pan of hot water for 45 seconds to loosen the JELL-O from the mold. I put in enough hot water so that it mostly covered the sides of the mold, but did not come to the top of the mold. I was careful not to let the water come into the mold. I removed the mold from the hot water.

6. I gently loosened the sides of the mold with my fingers and carefully slipped my fingers under the JELL-O to lift it out.



Han Solo JELL-O Jigglers