Marvelous Disney Alice in Wonderland Cake

Alice in Wonderland Cake

This Marvelous Disney Alice in Wonderland Cake was made by Le Torte di Barbarap.  Alice in Wonderland, the White Rabbit and his pocket watch, the Mad Hatter,  the Cheshire Cat, and the Queen of Heart’s cards are featured on this wonderful cake. This cake has Alice dressed in her blue and white dress sitting down on the top of the cake. Below her is the first layer of the cake which is pink and has the White Rabbir sitting down with his pocket watch beside him. The next layer of the cake is yellow and has the Cheshire Cat and two of the Queen of Heart’s cards, a heart and a spade on the side of this layer. The next layer of the cake is light blue and has the birthday name on the side. The bottom layer is meant to look like a table with a pink tablecloth topped with a white tablecloth. The Mad Hatter and the Rabbit are sitting on this layer enjoying tea from tea cups and cake and cupcakes.

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