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Elegant Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

This Marvelous Nightmare Before Christmas Cake was made by Arte Di Amore. This Disney Cake features Jack Skellington and Sally. The bottom layer of the cake is a gray with black stripes. The border of both cake layers is composed of black beads with a occasional white bead mixed in. Jack and Sally are sitting on this layer. Jack is wearing a black suit and a black bat shaped bow tie. Sally is sitting beside him. She is wearing her patchwork dress and brown shoes. The dress is colored yellow, pink, green. Sally has red hair. The top layer is black with gray diamonds on the sides. The top of the cake has a black hill with a curly top. There are stacks of black and white beads around the black hill. I like the way the cake is black, gray, and white, and Sally provides the only color.

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