Hatbox Ghost Pumpkin

This stunning Hatbox Ghost Pumpkin was made by the amazing Bridget McCarty.  Bridget McCarty makes some of the finest pumpkins I’ve ever seen! Her secret is that she hand carves her pumpkins and then she hand paints them.  This gives her pumpkins amazing texture and color.

Many of her stunning pumpkins can be found at Disneyland. Want to see more of Bridget’s work? She is on Facebook and Instagram.


The Story and Song from The Haunted Mansion

My husband is a big fan of The Haunted Mansion.  I recently got him the CD  The Story and Song from The Haunted Mansion.  It is a copy of the promo record that was made to publicize The Haunted Mansion.  One of the things which makes this record so cool is that The Hatbox Ghost scene is included.  After listening, I have a question for Haunted Mansion fans.  Since The Hatbox Ghost and The Bride scene were side by side, was the Hatbox Ghost originally the Bride’s groom?


Snow White Pumpkin

This is too cool! It is a pumpkin decorated as the poisoned apple from Snow White.  This begs the question – is it apple pies or pumpkin pies that make the men folks’ mouths water?


Stitch Pumpkin

This Stitch Pumpkin is wonderful.  This is a classic example of why I love Bridget’s pumpkins.  Her carving of Stitch is great, but the way she painted Stitch really makes him shine.  Since 90% of the pumpkin is blue, the few parts that aren’t really stand out.  Your eyes are draw to Stitch’s ears, eyes, mouth, and collar.  Plus, even though Stitch is blue and the background is blue, it works fine because the pumpkin is in carved so that Stitch is in the foreground.


Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin

Bridget makes the best Sally pumpkins I’ve seen.  The detail on Sally, her hair, and dress are amazing!


Cheshire Cat Pumpkin

This is too cool!  It is the Cheshire Cat dressed up for Halloween.


Queen of Hearts Pumpkin

Here’s the Queen of Hearts.  As always she is unhappy and screaming at someone.  Bridget does an amazing job of capturing the classic Disney villain.  I love the little touches on this pumpkin.  The queen is so mad her eyes are crossed.  She is screaming so loudly, you can see her tonsils.  the outside of the pumpkin is decorated with hearts, diamonds, and clubs.