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Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Bento Boxes

Mickey Mouse Bento Box

Imagine if your lunches were delicious, healthy, and works of art.  Mike Kravanis doesn’t have to imagine.  He makes the coolest lunches I’ve ever seen.  He creates stunning Disney Bento Boxes for lunch.  Mike shares his amazing lunches on Twitter (that’s where I met Mike), Facebook, and Instagram

Last year, Mike made a special series of Bento boxes featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy dressed up for Halloween.  Above is Mickey Mouse dressed as Sora.  Sora is the main character in the Kingdom Heart Series.  (Did you know that before Disney and Square Enix settled on Sora being the main character, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were the frontrunners?).  In the games, when Sora visits Halloween Town he turns into his Vampire Form.  Since it is Halloween, Mickey is dressed as the vampire version of Sora. 


Mickey Mouse Bento Box

Here is Mickey dressed as Jack Skellington.  It blows my mind that this is Mike’s lunch.  The detail on Mick Skellington face and tie are amazing.  Notice that Mike uses 3 different colors of rice (white, black, and tan) for Mickey’s head.  It is the little touches like that which make Mike’s bento boxes so amazing. 


Mickey Mouse Bento Box

Mike calls this wild one “Mickey Mounster”.  This is one of my favorite of his Halloween series, because the character is Mike’s creation.  Mickey having three eyes is hilarious.  I also really like three Ms above Mickey.


Minnie Mouse Bento Box

Here is Minnie Mouse dressed as Sailor Moon.  Mike does any amazing job of mixing two iconic characters (Minnie and Sailor Moon) into one character.  When you look as this bento, you know instantly that it is both Minnie Mouse and Sailor Moon.  That is so hard to do and Mike does it so well.  One touch that I love on this bento box is that this is the only one with hands.  Since they are Minnie Mouse’s hands, they’re white gloves.


Goofy Bento Box

Here is Goofy disguised as FrankenGoof.  Goofy has his classic face and buck teeth, but Mike has turned him green.  Mike added bolts on the side of his head, gave him a square head, and sent him to the same barber as Frankenstein’s Monster.  I’d love to see Mike make FrankenGoof’s monster from Goof Troop.


Donald Duck Bento Box

Here is another cool Kingdom Heart’s themed bento box.  Just as Sora has a vampire form, Donald has a mummy form.  So, this is Donald in his mummy form.  I love how Mike added three Jack O’ Lanterns beside Donald.  One is even a Mickey Mouse Jack O’ Lantern.  These Kingdom Hearts Bentos are making me wish I owned PlayStation.


Mickey Mouse Bento Box

This last one is a doozy.  It is a Mickey Mouse / Duffy The Disney Bear / Pumpkin Carving / Bento Box Mash-up!!!  In anyone else’s hands this would be a disaster, but Mike’s creation is charming.  

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