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What Mom Never Told You About Lunch!

Snow Witch Bento Box

Remember the lunches your mom used to make you when you were a kid? Usually, it was a sandwich, something sweet or salty, fruit, a napkin, and a drink (anyone remember the old glass lined thermoses? How many did you break? I lost count.).  Sometimes the sandwich was something yummy like one of my favorites pimento and cheese.  But, usually it was just another bologna sandwich.  I’m amazed I don’t have nightmare featuring bologna sandwiches.

Can you image if your lunch was healthy, delicious, and a jaw dropping work of art?  Mike Kravanis doesn’t have to imagine.  He makes THE COOLEST LUNCHES I’VE EVER SEEN.  Before viewing these pictures, you have to promise me that you won’t show them to your Mom.  I don’t want her to feel guilty or to have a heart attack.

Above is Mike’s version of the Snow Witch / Old Hag.  I love the witch’s eyes.  Notice how one brow is raised, giving her a look of surprise.  The witch’s face is amazing.  She has a wart on her nose, one tooth, and white hair sticking out from under her black hood.  She even has the poison apple with her.


Captain Hook Bento Box

Mike shares his amazing lunches on Twitter (that’s where I met Mike), Facebook, and Instagram.  This is his Captain Hook Bento Box.  Hook is amazing.  I love the menacing expression on his face.  He has his hat, black hair, and his hook is large and menacing.   


Jafar Bento Box

Jafar is terrific.  Once again, Mike’s facial expressions are simply stunning.  I love the two small skeleton heads on each side of Jafar.  They give Jafar an even more menacing look than usual.


Lady Tremaine Bento Box

Here is Lady Tremaine looking disapproving as always.  Somehow, I don’t think she’d approve of being turned into a bento box.


Maleficent Bento Box

This is one wicked looking Maleficent.  She looks more mischievous than evil.


Queen of Hearts Bento Box

Here’s the Queen of Hearts.  This bento box is a classic example of something I love about Mike’s artwork.  There is no empty space in his bento boxes.  I’ve seen a lot of cool bento boxes where you can see large parts of the box.  Mike never does that.  Here, Mike made the Queen’s famous roses bushes and even made sure that some of the roses were painted red.


Ursula Bento Box

Ursula looks so menacing.  I love that Mike didn’t just make Ursula’s face, but her included her tentacles as well.

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