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Jack Skellington and Sally Make A Cute Couple

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

This Splendid Nightmare Before Christmas Cake was made by Tatiana Melfa.  Jack Skellington and Sally are sitting on top of the black hill that is curled at the top. Jack is holding Sally’s hand and they are smiling at each other. A large yellow moon is just behind them. Sally is wearing her patchwork dress. She has black stitches on her arms, legs, neck, and face. Jack has a skeleton head and is wearing a black and white bat bow tie and a black pinstriped suit. Jack and Sally make a cute couple. There are gray gravestones and orange pumpkins scattered over the hill. At the bottom of the hill is a purple cake with a black gate drawn on the front. Two fondant stone gate posts  are on either side of the gate. The cake board is covered in purple with a cobblestone pattern. There are white bones, skulls, headstones, and orange pumpkins scattered around the cake board and the purple cake. There is a ’20’ in front of this Anniversary cake to show 20 years.

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

Jack and Sally close-up

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