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Marvelous Madame Vastra Cake

Vastra Cake

This Marvelous Madame Vastra Cake was made by Adrian’s Cake Creations. Vastra, a Silurian, appeared in her role as Madame Vastra of Victorian London in Doctor Who. The Silurians were a race of reptilian-like humanoids.  She lived in Victorian London at 13 Paternoster Row with her maid Jenny Flint and a Sontaran nurse called Strax. She and her friends investigated mysteries and were sometimes referred to as the Paternoster Gang. 

This edible bust of Madame Vastra shows her dressed in a light blue dress covered with a purple cloak with light blue trim. The cloak has a purple chain to connect both side of the cloak. The blue dress has white lace at the neck. There is a white broach at the top of the dress. She has a metal collar with small spikes around her neck. She has a green reptilian skin. There are three ridges at the top of her head. There are ridges on the side of her head. She have red lips and white eyes is with gray irises.

The cake board is shaped like a heart and covered in black with gray flowers imprinted onto the black..


Vastra Cake


Doctor Who Cake