Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland Sends Sweet Sixteen Birthday Wishes

Alice in Wonderland Cake

This Marvelous Alice In Wonderland Cake was made by The Royal Bakery. This Disney Cake is based on Tim Burtons’s Alice in Wonderland.  A large purple sixteen adorns the top of the cake to celebrate a sixteenth birthday. In front of the sixteen is a figure of Alice starting down the hole to Underland. The hole and ’16’ are on top of the Mad Hatter’s Hat. Tarrant Hightop’s hat is a dark black lace pattern with large hat pins sticking out of it. There is a large purple ribbon that matches the purple sixteen at the bottom of the hat near the brim. A playing card with 10/6 is on the hat stuck into the purple ribbon and just below the hat pins. On the other side of the hat is a large bird feather.  

The next layer of the cake is painted light blue with blue and gray stripes to represent the Cheshire Cat’s body. In the middle of the layer is the Cheshire Cat’s face. The face has two cat ears, green eyes, a pink nose, a blue mustache, and white teeth.

The white rabbits pocket watch is dangling on the side of the cake. There is a blue teacup and a white bottle labeled ‘Drink Me’ on the other side of the layer.

The bottom layer is covered in hundreds of individual green leaves of many shades of green. A golden animated doorknob and faceplate, red roses, white roses, and playing cards are in front of the green leaves.

The bottom layer is in the shape of a book. There are red and white mushrooms scattered on the book and on the cake board. There is a brown leather book mark at the center of the book. A blue and white teacup is balanced on one edge of the book.

The Mad Hatter’s Hat was decorated using real lace. The pattern of the lace was embossed into the fondant by rubbing over it with a soother.  The lace was used as a template for airbrushing. 

Alice in Wonderland Cake

The book is a custom foam piece.  It is covered in fondant, airbrushed, and dusted. An edible image of pages from the Alice in Wonderland book was added to the top of the book and airbrushed and dusted. The teacup is filled with fondant tea, then brushed with corn syrup to make it shine. The roses were made using a mold. 

Cheshire Cat Cake

The Cheshire cat image was airbrushed onto the side of the cake.  The Cat’s details were added using pieces of fondant. The dark gray mouth piece was cut using a template from a photo. The teeth were added. Then the furry piece was added to overlap the top of the teeth. That was textured with a Dresden tool then handprinted and airbrushed. 

Alice in Wonderland Cake

Alice In Wonderland before she was placed on cake. The shoes were drawn with a edible pen.

Cheshire Cat Cake

Pieces of the cat’s face before they were attached. The eyes were dusted, airbrushed, painted, and finished off with an edible pen.

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