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Elegant Golden Batman Silhouette Cake

Golden Batman Silhouette Cake

This Elegant Gold Batman Silhouette cake was made by Kickshaw Cakes. This gold Batman silhouette looks great against the black cake background.

The cake is a tall 6 inch black barrel cake. It looks like four round six inch cake layers put together. Around the gold bust of Batman is a nice background of fine gold lines and dots on the cake that nicely compliment the gold leaf of Batman. The front of the bust has the vague outline of the bat for the Batman symbol. The shoulders are in gold leaf. There are small dots of gold for eyes and the nose. Batman’s cowl is outlined in gold foil. Below the bust of Batman, the cake is black. The cake board is black. 

The image of the bust of a Batman silhouette was painted onto the cake using gold leaf.

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