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The Governor’s Victims Will Send Chills Down Your Spine!

Walking Dead Sculpture

Talk about a sugar sculpture that gives me chills!  The detail on the zombie head is unbelievable.  This creeptastic Walking Dead edible sculpture was made by Mitchies Munchies

Chef Mitchie made this creeptastic creation for The Baking Dead. The Baking Dead is a collaboration of 50 plus cake and sugar artists celebrating The Walking Dead comic and TV series.  The Baking Dead is also helping to spread the word about Domestic Violence Prevention and Awareness.  You can find The Baking Dead on the web, Facebook, and Twitter.

These sugar artists come from all over the globe. Mitchies Munchies is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each artist chose a character or scene from the TV show or comic to recreate in sugar or cake form. They were asked to incorporate the emotion and relationships that are conveyed in The Waling Dead and use butter, sugar, candy and cake to make you “feel” through their piece, in much the same way that The Walking Dead conveys such strong emotions.

In both the TV show and comic, the issue of domestic violence has reared it’s ugly head and continues to be an issue faced by characters.  The Baking Dead decided to dedicate this collaboration to all the survivors of domestic violence and to link with as many domestic violence prevention and awareness organizations as possible, including the National Center on Domestic & Sexual Violence. Many in the group have been touched by or are survivors of domestic violence in one form or another and felt that this would be a great opportunity to get the word out.


Walking Dead Cake

Believe it or not, both the fish tank and zombie head are edible.  The cake board has fondant details and was painted with edible paints to look like hardwood flooring.  The fish tank was made from CakePlay Isomalt and gum paste. The head was carved from modeling chocolate & fondant.  Then, it was hand-painted. The shards of “glass” were CakePlay Isomalt and the “water” was DECOgel.


The Governor's Fish Tank

Chef Mitchie chose the fight between The Governor and Michonne in the episode “Made to Suffer” as her theme.  This is one of the fish tank’s where the governor kept the heads of his victims.  The fish tank was destroyed by Michonne during their fight.  The blood on one of the shards belongs to Michonne.


The Governor's Fish Tank

The Governor's Fish Tank


Remember: this amazing Walking Dead edible sculpture is just one of 50+ items created for The Baking Dead!  To see the rest, visit The Baking Dead.  You can find them on the web,Facebook, and Twitter.