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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Are In The Clouds On This Birthday Cake

Minnie Mouse Cake

This Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cake was made by The Cake Witch. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are standing on a large white cloud on the top of this two tier Disney cake. Mickey is smiling. He is wearing a red bowtie and red shorts with white buttons and yellow shoes and white gloves. Minnie Mouse has a red bow in her hair. She is wearing a red and white polka-dot dress with a white ribbon around the waist. She has on yellow shoes and white gloves.

Both cake layers are light blue with white clouds scattered around to represent the sky. A Birthday name banner is being held up in the sky by Micky and Minnie. They are holding the red string at each end to allow it to drape over the side of the top cake layer to look like it is floating in the sky. There is a white cloud just behind it. Each letter is on a black Mickey head. The letters are red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. 

The bottom cake layer has a black and yellow bumble bee with white wings and a red and black ladybug. There are dotted trails to show where the bee and ladybug have been flying. 

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cake

The bumble bee is flying toward a white cloud. White daisies are scattered all around the cake board.

Mickey Mouse Cake

The cake board is green to represent grass. It has white daisies with yellow centers and a red and white mushroom. There is a red present with a yellow bow, a yellow present with a green bow, and a blue present with a yellow bow in a stack on the cake board. The side of the cake board is covered in a black and white polka-dot ribbon. It looks like there is a red and black ladybug flying around the back of the cake.

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