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Hades Is Coming To Town This Halloween

Hades Cake

This Terrific Hades Cake was made by Studio 8 Cakes.  This cake is part of the Cuties Disney Villains Halloween collaboration. This is a world wide cake collaboration to celebrate Disney Villains during the Halloween season.

This Disney Halloween cake features Hades with Pain and Panic. These Disney Hercules villains are out Trick-or-Treating this Halloween. Hades is holding an orange pumpkin shaped bucket of candy suckers. Pain is dressed as a pumpkin.

This single layer Hercules cake is green with a black Meander or Greek Key design around the cake. A Meander is a Greek decorative border made from a continuous line that is shaped into a repeated pattern.

Hades Halloween Cake

You can see Hades yellow eyes and his sharp white teeth. 

Hercules Cake

Panic, the teal colored imp, has his mouth open showing his white straight teeth. There are orange pumpkins beside him to make a hidden Mickey. Two white lit candles are in front of the Mickey Mouse pumpkin. There is a black bat is sitting on a rock beneath Panic. In front of the rock, painted on the green cake is a black spider. Above the spider is the Greek Key design around the cake.

Hades Cake

There is a black and green poison apple on a stick on the ground in front of Pain. It looks a lot like the poison apple from Snow White before the Evil Queen turned it into a pretty red apple.

Hercules Halloween Cake

Pain is smiling and showing his mouth full of sharp jagged pointed teeth. He has one arm up waving.  You can see his two toed feet and his brown sandals sticking out of his pumpkin costume. There is an orange carved pumpkin beside him.

Hercules Cake

Here’s Hades holding his orange Jack-o-Lantern bucket filled with orange and pink lollipops. He is wearing a black robe. He has flaming blue hair. 

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