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Magnificent Ursula Cake

Ursula Cake

This Magnificent Ursula Cake was made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes. Ursula has a big smile on her face like she has just outwitted another poor unfortunate soul.  She is wearing her necklace where Ariel’s voice was stored. She has black octopus tentacles. She has her white hair sticking straight up.  Her body language says that she is the most cunning villain around.

She has white hair that sticks straight up.  This sea witch has blue makeup around her eyes and dark purple makeup surrounding the inner blue makeup. There are light purple skin folds on each side of her nose. She has a single black mole on her cheek beside her red lips. She is wearing gold seashell earrings. The detail of this undersea Disney villain is amazing.

Her skin is light purple. The outer part of her body is black with black octopus tentacles. She has one hand on her hip and the other near the necklace. She is wearing red fingernail polish. 

Ursula was designed to be a Cecaelia, a mixture of human and octopus. Ursula’s basic look was based on Divine, the Drag performer.  Her voice was designed by Pat Carroll to be part Shakespearean actress with flamboyance and theatricality and part con artist or grifter.

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