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Splendid Ursula Cake

Ursula Cake

This Splendid Ursula Cake was made by Carla Puig from Carla Puig Sugar Atelier.  This is a new take on Ursula where the artist made her more human instead of half octopus and placed an octopus in her hair. 

This Fabulous Ursula Cake was made for the Disney Deviant Sugar Art A Worldwide Collaboration which is a cake collaboration where cake artists put their own spin on Disney characters. 

Ursula Cake  

Here is Carla’s description of this Wonderful cake:

My piece is entire made with chocolate and it’s inspired by Ursula, the main antagonist of The Little Mermaid. In the movie, she is a villainous sea witch, half human, half octopus who tricks Ariel into trading her voice for a pair of human legs. For this occasion, I wanted to make her more human, while maintaining the character’s gaze, but with a fancy touch. The piece is 1 meter height.

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