Ursula Pie

Ursula Pie

Ursula Pie

This wicked Ursula Pie was created by Inspired To Taste. It features Ursula, Flotsam and Jetsam. I really like the design of this pie. Ursula has her back to us and her hands raised so it looks like she is casting a spell. Her tentacles cover the edge of two thirds of the pie and the detail on them is amazing. The very top of the pie edge has Flotsam and Jetsam on it. At the bottom of the pie, the crust sticks out past Ursula and has been modeled to look like starfish and conch shells. Ursula’s primary colors are black and a pinkish purple, so using a blackberry / blueberry filling is the perfect choice to work with these colors. This is without a doubt the finest pie under the sea! 

Here is Liz’s description of this stunning pie:

This #seawitch pie has a spiced vegan cookie crust with blackberry/blueberry filling. The entire thing is low-carb, reduced-sugar, mostly vegan, and pretty damn healthy for a sinful-themed dessert. I used @lakantosweetener in place of sugar and @mammachia to thicken the filling. Topping details are painted with a combo of @sweetsticksau’s #edibleartpaint and @poppypaints, and I added edible glitter to the filling with @bakerybling.

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