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Stunning Peter Pan Pie

Peter Pan Pie

Waiting for Peter Pan Pie

Everyone once in a while, I feature a work of art that is so lovely that I’m at a loss for words. This mindboggling Waiting for Peter Pan Pie is a classic example. My description won’t compare to this stunning pie.

This pie features Wendy Darling sitting by an open window looking at London at night. You can see Big Ben in the distance and the moon in the sky. The shadow of Peter Pan is flight in the night sky. The star filled night sky is reminiscent of Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night.  

This masterpiece was made by Inspired To Taste.

Here is Liz’s description of this pie.

This pie has a blueberry filling in a lemon-almond cookie crust. Almost all the colors used in this design are from @thesugarart. I sparkled the sky with a combo of @bakerybling and Diamond Dust, and we now carry these gold star sprinkles in our shop ⭐️. Most of the elements on this pie are painted directly onto the cookies. Wendy’s dress and hair are marshmallow fondant, the window panes are @simicakes1 isomalt, and the window seat cushion and window molding details are royal icing.

Looking for more pie art ideas? I’ve featured two other wonderful pies in the past. If you are a fan of the classic children’s book – The Monster At The End Of The Book, you will LOVE this Grover pie which recreates a page of this book. If you love Roger Rabbit, check out this amazing Jessica Rabbit pie. Me I’m off to work on matching Picard and Riker pies for my Father In Law’s birthday.