Peter Pan

Amazing Peter Pan and Captain Hook Cake

Peter Pan Cake

This Amazing Peter Pan Cake was made byLe Torte Di Christian Giardina. This fabulous Disney Cake features Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Mr. Smee, Tick-Tock, and one of the lost boys.

Captain Hook is on the top of this multi-tiered Disney cake. He is wearing his red jacket. Peter Pan is near him dressed his green outfit with his green hat with a red feather.  Near Peter Pam is Mr. Smee. He is sitting on a small light blue cake with brown sponges on it. Mr. Smee is wearing blue shorts and a blue and white striped shirt. He has on a red hat and a white bird is sitting on his hat.  He has on brown sandals. Tick-Tock is in the water below Mr. Smee.  On the other side of Tick-Tock, a lost boy is dressed as a black skunk. The lost boy is sitting on a small light blue cake.

The cake board is blue to represent water.


Peter Pan Cake

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