Awesome Hand Painted Peter Pan Cake

Hand-Painted Peter Pan Cake

This awesome Peter Pan Cake is a two-tier cake.  Each tier is a cube. 

 This wonderful cake was made by  Silvana Riberiro Cake Designer.

Tinker Bell Cake

Tinker Bell Cake Tier

The top tier of the cake is painted aqua with yellow and purple highlights behind Tinker Bell.  It looks like Tinker Bell herself was painted onto a piece of sugar paste and then attached to the side of the cake.  This gives an extra dimension to her. Her wings are white. The detail of her eyes is amazing.

Peter Pan and Captain Hook 

Peter Pan and Captain Hook are painted on the side of the bottom tier of this two-tier cake.  I like the way the pirate ship is painted between them.  

It looks like they were also painted onto a piece of sugar paste to give them extra dimension. 

I love the way this cake artist uses the cake as an edible canvas to paint portraits of all three characters.