Nightmare Before Christmas

Stunning Sally From Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake featuring Sally

This gorgeous Nightmare Before Christmas Cake featuring Sally was made by Puckycakes.  The design of the cake is simply stunning.  The actual cake is black and blends into the background so that Sally and the hearts are what catch your eyes.  On the front of the cake is an exquisite painting of Sally hugging a bat.  Sally’s head is tilted slightly to one side, her wide eyes are staring straight at you, and she has her sewn on smile.  She has long orange hair and is wearing her piecemeal dress.  Sally looks happy.  The bat is purple and furry and looks more cuddly than scary.  Floating from Sally are three little hearts on wings that are flying away.  The hearts are stitched together just like Sally.  There is an open red ribbon around the bottom of the cake.

Sally was handpanted on gumpaste which was then cut and affixed to the cake.  The hearts were made from wafer paper.  The way they are flying above Sally is wonderful.  The red open ribbon was made from fondant.  I love the way the cake is solid black and completely smooth so that visually it is little more than a stand for the painting of Sally.  You don’t notice the cake any more than you notice the frame on a painting.  The end result is a cake that is unique and simply gorgeous.

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