Monsters, Inc.

Mike and Sulley Celebrate Boo’s Birthday

Mike and Sulley celebrate Boo's birthday
Mike and Sulley celebrate Boo’s birthday

Mike and Sulley Celebrate Boo’s Birthday with this terrific cake of her room and her bed with a tiny birthday cake and present.Also  Mike and Sulley are wearing birthday hats.

This Splendid Monsters, Inc. Cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company. This Disney Cake features Boo in her bedroom with a blue birthday present and a brown birthday cake on her bed. The cake has red cherries on top. Boo is wearing her purple monster costume. Two white eyes are sticking up above her head. Sulley is propped on the foot of the bed. He is wearing a green birthday hat.

Mike is sitting on the floor of the room. He is wearing a blue birthday hat.

Her bed is white with a white with a light purple pattern bedspread and a white pillow and white headboard and white footboard.

The cake board has a wooden board pattern for the floor of Boo’s room. The birthday name letters are scattered on the floor of the bedroom. There are birthday confetti on the floor near the birthday name.

Sulley Cake Figure

James P. Sullivan (Sulley) is holding a single white candle to celebrate Boo’s birthday. He is smiling. The detail of his blue fur with purple spots can be seen. His toenails and fingernails are white. His horns are on each side of his head.

Monsters Inc Cake

Mike Wazowski is holding a single white candle. Mike has a smile on his face. He is there to celebrate’s Boo’s birthday also.

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