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Ariel In Her World Under the Sea

Ariel Cake

This Marvelous Little Mermaid Cake was made by Carmen lordache. This single layer Disney Princess cake features Ariel sitting on top of a piece of wood. There are sponges and corals beside Ariel. Flounder is swimming beside Ariel.  There are starfish just below Ariel. Sebastan is just below Ariel. There is a sea shell just in front of Sebastan. The top of the cake is covered in green with white caps to represent the rough waves at sea. The cake changes to blue down the side of the cake.  The birthday name and age is written in gold letters on a golden name plaque. There is a golden trident beside the golden name plaque.

Little Mermaid Cake

There is a ruffle of white caps surrounding the cake. 

The cake board is blue like the water of the ocean.

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