The Nightmare Before Christmas Takes The Midnight Train

Nightmare Before Christmas Train Cake

This Awesome Nightmare Before Christmas Cake was made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes. This Disney Haunted Train Cake has Jack Skellington and Sally as the engineers. They are looking out of the window of the train engine.

The black train engine has an ominous look on his face. There is a black small gargoyle standing on top of the engine.  The gargoyle has a light as his nose. The train smoke stack in crooked and white smoke is coming out of it and trailing up into the sky. The train engine sags in the middle. The train looks old and spooky.

The small tender or coal car just behind the engine that usually carries wood or coal is filled with orange pumpkins. There is a number 55 on this car. I’m guessing that this probably represents the birthday age.

Beneath the train are the silver train tracks and brown wooden railroad ties. There is green grass along each side of the track.