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An Interview With Toni Simpson/Crowther From Cakes By Tonilou

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BeTeamRed – Inspire and Act to Create Change

BeTeamRed is a collaboration of 200 sugar artists from around the world focusing on World AIDS Day.  The collaboration launches on December 1st, i.e. World AIDS Day.  As part of the countdown to the launch, for the next few days I’m going to be interviewing sugar artists who are new to collaborations.  Here is my interview withToni Simpson/Crowther of Cakes by Tonilou.

1.Tell me about yourself. How long have you been decorating? Do you decorate professionally? 

My Name is Toni and I have been making cakes for 4 years as a business and I am self taught. I started by making cakes for my 4 kids!! 3 of my children have been premature so I count my blessings every day that they are here. I work from home so it enables me to still spend time with them and watch them grow 🙂 Although this is very challenging I wouldn’t change it. I have thought about opening a shop but if I’m honest its just not financially achievable as the rents in the area I would like are very high. I don’t have a blog or twitter as I simply don’t have the time (And I’m not very good with new technology ha ha) But I do have a Facebook page CakesByTonilou . When I was first asked to be a part of this collaboration my initial response was “Why me, I’m not very good?” but I am my own worst critic. I love a challenge and this seemed to be a great challenge for a great cause. The other members of this team are simply AMAZING and the standard of their work is nothing less than exceptional x I am very proud to be part of such an amazing team and I have learned so much during the past 8 weeks. Everyone has a very unique style and I’ve loved watching the page come alive with colours and style. 

2.Tell me about your piece. What was your inspiration? What is your piece made from and how did you make it?


I made my piece from Fondant and flower paste and the figure really pushed my skill set. The red Roses on my piece are to represent Love and blood, the rose vines and thorns are there to represent the entrapment a mum feels knowing she is powerless in protecting her unborn baby from AIDS. I tried to keep my piece within my ability level (Although I would have loved to make something bigger) but I was also working on my Cake international Piece at the same time 🙂 Surprisingly I won a silver award there and it was my first ever competition! 



3.Tell me about being part of a collaboration for the first time. What are some of the challenges that you faced? What did you enjoy most about being in this collaboration?


I feel very very proud to be part of this collab, and I couldn’t of asked for a better team to be part of especially as its my first one. The support that every member has received has been Fantastic and Zawadi and the rest of the team have really excelled themselves. Nothing would have been possible without their endless hours of work. THANK YOU x   In Brief I have LOVED every minute of this collaboration and if it gets some more awareness then we have succeeded. Also earning vital funds for the cause. Thank you x x  Best regardsToni – CakesByTonilou  x

Please click on the links below to contribute to The Global Fund to support their war on HIV/AIDS , TB, and Malaria in countries in need.

GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/beteamred

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