World AIDS Day

Cookies From The World AIDS Day Collaboration

World AIDS Day with wmark

These World AIDS Day cookies were made by Kari Arroyo from Yankee Girl Yummies in Arkansas.



BeTeamRed – Inspire and Act to Create Change

BeTeamRed is a collaboration of 200 sugar artists from around the world focusing on World AIDS Day.  This is one post of a series of posts that feature edible creations of cakes and cookies for December 1st, i.e. World AIDS Day.

Please click on the links below to contribute to The Global Fund to support their war on HIV/AIDS , TB, and Malaria in countries in need. 


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You can also purchase  UN Sugar Art Magazine  and  the UN Sugar Art Tutorial Booklet to support The Global Fund.


The World AIDS Day cookies above were made by Kari Arroyo from Yankee Girl Yummies

Kari tells about herself:

“My cookie decorating journey started in the spring of 2011, after deciding to take a break from nursing. I learned the ways of royal icing by reading tutorials and LOTS of trial and error. I continue to learn and push myself creatively. I love putting together tutorials (most recently video tutorials!) so look for those as well!
When I am not in my kitchen, I am busy chasing around 2 boys!”


Made by Yanira Anglada from Cake Therapy in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico.

Yanira talks about the inspiration for the piece:

“The HIV epidemic has touched probably every person I know in one way or another. I remember being young and scared the first time I heard about it, growing up in the 80’s, when people had a lot of questions and unfounded myths about AIDS. I soon learned that it certainly could touch anyone, when my uncle got diagnosed in the early 90’s.”

“This humble creation is a celebration of Cuba, the first country in the world to receive validation from WHO [World Health Organization] that it has eliminated mother-to-child transmission of HIV, and a celebration for children and families everywhere.”

“This wonderful achievement shows that ending the AIDS epidemic is possible. This is a major victory in the fight against HIV and sexually transmitted infections, and an important step towards having an AIDS-free generation.”



Made by Jill Wettstein from Jill FCS in Wisconsin.



Made by Rose de Guzman from Couture Cakes by Rose in Warnick, South Carolina.



Getting to zero-WMblack

Made by Marta Torres from The Cookie Lab – Bolachas Decoradas Artesanais in Lisbon, Portugal.

Marta tells us about the inspiration for this cookie:

“The risk of a mother transmitting HIV to a child can be reduced.  With this cookie, which is my sugar version of : ”The Nestling” – original painting by Emily Ballet, 2008, I intend to call the awareness to it, with proper care, breastfeeding does not have to be a risk anymore. With this cookie I see the double protection  a mother can give – the mother protecting the son with her powerful feathered wings, and mother Earth protecting both.

The credits of the Photo goes to: Photograph: Carlos Luz Studio : Luz Crescente, Lda

Marta Torres is originally from Lisbon, Portugal. She is married to a Spaniard and has one daughter who lives in the US with her husband and her son. 

Marta started out her professional career in banking- a completely different world from cookie dough and piping bags-, but after marrying, her husband´s work took her to Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan and Spain. She worked as a free lancer for a few years translating technical manuals for digital equipment, but it was in Japan where she really began to cook and bake for fun, to entertain friends.  

While her daughter attended college in the US, Marta took that opportunity and studied Culinary arts at the Culinary Institute of America. 

While still in Japan, Marta  was invited to collaborate in a project sponsored by the Portuguese Embassy to teach Portuguese Traditional Cooking to locals. She was soon after also invited by an International Cooking School to do the same.  

Her sudden move from Tokyo to Madrid left her jobless. She attended her first cookie decorating class in Madrid and it was more for therapy than anything else.  It wasn’t love at first sight,  royal icing was unfamiliar and challenging. It was only some time later after moving to Portugal that her daughter pushed her to practice and try it again. It was a new culinary art and with a lot of potential for her. 

After 6 hard months of practice, Marta entered Julia Ushers Christmas Cookie Contest and won first prize (Julia Usher´s Cookie Connection site), she became well known among cookie artists and cookie lovers. After seeing her work, Marta started to get invitations to teach cookie decorating all over the world. USA, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Portugal are the next stops for her classes. 

Marta´s work has been featured in magazines, blogs, even national television. A Portuguese Cake Decoration magazine Bolos Decorados created a Special Edition on just her work and other magazines in Spain, France and Portugal also routinely publish her work.  

Marta continues to win awards and was one of the 3 finalists  of The Cookier of the Year 2014 from the site Cookie Connection. This year of 2015, she was nominated as a Finalist for the prestigious Cake Magazine Awards 2015, in the Cookies Category. 

Marta participated in the  “Gardens of the World” group project featuring some of the top baking/culinary artists and is currently involved in 3 other similar projects.  

Royal Icing and cookies has certainly changed her life,  she looks back and then realizes it has only been 2 and a half years since she started decorating cookies but so much has happened between then and now that it is life changing.



Getting to zero-WMwhite


Made by Nadia Ka from My little bakery in California.

Nadia tells about herself:

“My name is Nadia, I live in San Diego, CA. My profession is teacher. I have many hobbies: glass painting, card making, cooking, music, all kinds of art and design. The favorite thing I like to do and which has been taking most of my time for the last 3 years is cookie decorating. My favorite decorating technique is lace. All patterns are done by hand. Photos of my work have been published in “Homes and Gardens”, “Cake Central”, “Tortdeco” magazines. I am also an author of “100 party cookies” book.”


100 Party Cookies

“The biggest memorial event this year for me was the CookieCon in Salt Lake City, where I was an instructor. I have met there many talented people from all over the world and made many friends.  Also I am going to teach at San Diego cake show 2016. I hope to meet there also those who are a part of this collaboration with me. It is a great honor to be part of it!”


Cakes From The World AIDS Day Collaboration-Part 10



This Mother and her Bady cake was made by Mayer Rosales from mayer’s cakes in Madrid, Spain.


BeTeamRed – Inspire and Act to Create Change

BeTeamRed is a collaboration of 200 sugar artists from around the world focusing on World AIDS Day.  This is one post of a series of posts that feature edible creations of cakes and cookies for December 1st, i.e. World AIDS Day.

Please click on the links below to contribute to The Global Fund to support their war on HIV/AIDS , TB, and Malaria in countries in need. 


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You can also purchase  UN Sugar Art Magazine  and  the UN Sugar Art Tutorial Booklet to support The Global Fund.


Made by Mayer Rosales from Mayer’s cakes in Madrid, Spain.


Mayer was born in the caribbean country of Venezuela and was raised surrounded by nature thanks to her father that runs an agriculture business. When she finished her BA in Advertising she moved to Spain where she met her husband, and together they started a family. To celebrate her daughter’s first birthday she decided to make a fondant-decorated cake of her own design. She was immediatley hooked to baking and decorating and after many courses and many cakes she set up a small baking business “mayer’s cakes” where she has spent the last couple of years educating herself, baking for clients and growing as a baker, always with lots of passion and dedication but focusing it as a hobby more than a livelihood.





This Mother and her Baby cake was made by Myron Guano from Antonio’s kitchen in Arizona, USA.

Myron tells us about herself :

“I am based in Phoenix, Arizona USA, where I also work part-time as a Registered Nurse. Since I was in grade school I have always been exposed to the arts, since then I have always been painting on canvases using any medium available, then one day one of our closest friends who’s been doing cakes for awhile encouraged me to convert all my knowledge in art into edible arts and cakes, that’s how I started here in the cake world. My first cakes were for my kids then people started to like them, and then eventually started to have a small business out of it. In less than a year I got my first magazine exposure through Cake Central Magazine, then the collaboration projects came and eventually more magazine invitations from different countries follow.”

“My style usually is contemporary and involves painting or drawing on fondant. Most of the time, I want my cakes to look different that’s why I always get my inspiration from somewhere else than in a cake magazine.”

Myron’s inspiration:

“I got my inspiration from the theme, “No child will be born with HIV”, the first thing that came to my mind is an image of a mother and child figure, I have done several mother and child paintings in the past but this will be the first time as a 3D figure and in sugar. I try not to get inspiration from other artist’s sculptures of a mother and child because I want this to be my own, I used my own previous works as an inspiration for the techniques that I used in this piece.”


This Mother and Child cake was made by Meenakshi Jamadagni from Spongy Affairs in Pune, India.

Meenakshi’s cake making history:

“Hello friends, I am Meenakshi Jamadagni from city Pune, in India and I am a business baker. I have been baking & decorating for last 4 years now. An IT professional by qualification, I quit my lucrative corporate world job and pursued my passion for baking and decorating. I started my cake business as ‘Spongy Affairs’ in late Dec’11. My passion to deliver the best quality custom product to my clients has resulted in loyal customers who do not mind coming from far off locations to pick up their orders from my home. I also conduct different cake decoration classes from basic to advance since last 1.8 years. I love and enjoy my job to bits! “

Fun fact about myself:
“I am not sure if it’s a fun fact or weird, I very rarely get bored! Yes, I can go shopping, roaming around alone and if not that, I enjoy just being myself, alone not thinking about anything, spending hours arranging things in closets until it looks the way I want and I am very particular about it!”

Meenakshi’s inspiration for this collaboration:

“Being a mother myself, I realized the purest form of love is the love between a child and the mother. It’s a divine blessing and a blissful feeling that is second to nothing. My heart goes out to mother child duo infected by HIV. My creation embodies my feeling that every mother and child should be free of HIV, all over the world. Only love and the right support can make that happen. Let love be free.” 
“The abstract coloring on the cake indicates the grief, pain and dark struggle of their fight against HIV. My main inspiration are the mother and child figurines depicting playful love and freedom that we intent to see all over the globe.”


This two sided World AIDS Day Cake was made by Heba Elalfy from Sweet Dreams by Heba in Florida.


Heba’s tells us about herself : 


“A few short years ago, I took my hobby for baking and decorating more seriously because of my children 🙂 Ever since then, my family and loved ones have been my greatest supporters and advisors, as well as my taste testers! I’ve met so many great people through Facebook who’ve stood by my side and who’ve forged true friendships with me. In more recent years, with the opportunities to partake in collaborations, especially, my skillset and comprehension in cake design, cake construction and decorating mediums has expanded quite a bit. My piece is made using Satin Ice and wafer paper and both images on the top plaque were hand dusted. Thank you for inviting me into this wonderful collaboration!”


Heba’s piece : 


“Born and raised in Zambia, I saw first-hand what HIV/AIDS does to a sick person and the rippling effects on their family, and what it feels like to have this devastating disease. At the time, there were no life-saving medicines so it was a DEATH SENTENCE. Having lesions on the feet felt like one was walking on fire making it very difficult to move about. The front side of my piece depicts these feelings of pain and loss. More recently, new medicines prolong the lives of the sick and reduce the effects of the disease on a person’s body, mothers with HIV/AIDS are now living more normal lives without transmitting the disease to their newborn. The back side of my piece depicts these feelings of happiness and tearing away the stigma that comes with HIV/AIDS.”


Fun Fact : 


“I love to bake and decorate even when there’s no special occasion. “







Laura Davis

This World AIDS Day cake was made by Laura Davis from Laura Jane Cake Design in Walsall, UK.


Laura tell us about herself and her piece :

“Coming from an art background Ive always enjoyed drawing and painting portraits. Although I don’t usually do this sort of style cakes, I knew straight away that it was something I wanted to do for my piece. An art project I did during school was my inspiration, where I drew similar types of emotional photographs using red biro pen. I used a photograph from the same photographer that I studied as inspiration, but wanted to change the emotion on their faces slightly, to fit better with the theme of the collaboration. As a whole I wanted the cake to be simple so the focus was on the painting”

Laura Davis (3)

Laura Davis (2)






This World AIDS Day cake was made by Marta Soriano from Delicious de Gretel in Barcelona, Spain.




It all began in 2012 when Marta made her first fondant cake , for the tenth birthday of her daughter and since then has not stopped. She has continued training in creative pastry .


She has worked as a cake designer and photographer in the journal Bricoreposteria national and international edition , 2013 and 2014 .


She is a professional with over 10 years experience in analog and digital photography.  She is currently giving courses in Spain in photography and food styling .




Marta’s inspiration for her piece:

“I was inspired by the Maasai mothers walking towards the horizon for a better future for their son / as future.”




Delicias de Gretel


Todo empezó en 2012 cuando hizo su primera tarta de fondant, para el décimo cumpleaños de su hija y a partir de entonces no ha parado. No ha dejado de formarse en pastelería creativa. 


Ha colaborado como cake designer y fotógrafa en la revista Bricoreposteria de edición nacional e internacional, años 2013 y 2014.


Profesional con más de 10 años de experiencia en fotografía analógica y digital, actualmente está dando cursos por España de fotografía y food styling.


Descripción de la Tarta Getting to Zero


Me he inspirado en las madres Masais que caminan hacia el horizonte buscando un futuro mejor para sus hijo/as.


GRACIAS por dejarme ser miembro  en esta colaboración tan especial.


Saludos y abrazos


Marta Soriano


Delicias de Gretel



Cakes From The World AIDS Day Collaboration – Part 9

with watermark

This Mother and Child Cake was made by Robyn Salisbury from Mad Hen Cakes in Melbourne, Australia.



BeTeamRed – Inspire and Act to Create Change

BeTeamRed is a collaboration of 200 sugar artists from around the world focusing on World AIDS Day.  This is one post of a series of posts that feature edible creations of cakes and cookies for December 1st, i.e. World AIDS Day.

Please click on the links below to contribute to The Global Fund to support their war on HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria in countries in need.




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You can also purchase The UN Sugar Art Magazine and the UN Sugar Art Tutorial Booklet to support The Global Fund.


The World AIDS Day Cake above was made by made by Robyn Salisbury from Mad Hen Cakes.

Here’s what Robyn said about her cake history:

“Like most people I fell into cake decorating by accident. All it took was a teaching colleague asking me to make a cake for her daughter and that was the start of this amazing cake journey.”

“I’m self-taught and have been decorating ‘seriously’ for eighteen months.  In June I took the plunge from making cakes as a hobby to now having a business.”

“I wanted my cake design to reflect the love between a mother and her child.  As a mother I would do  anything to protect my child and to keep them safe and healthy.”

Fun fact:

“My mum and dad are confused as to where this baking and creative talent has come from.”







This World AIDS Day cake was made by Samantha Smith from The Hobby Baker.






Getting To Zero (With Logo)

This Sleeping Baby Cake was made by Hazel Wong from Hazel Wong Cake Design in Singapore.

Hazel Wong is a cake artist and Satin Ice Artist of Excellence based in Singapore. Her unique creations are often inspired by her bounteous experience in the TV and movie industry. Always bold in colors, the cakes she creates often exhibit an abstract art element. Hazel strives constantly to explore new techniques and adapt her creativity through the art of decorating. Her cake creation is a symphony of perfect design, colors and embellishment.

Her works have been featured in Cake Masters, Cake Central, Cake France Design Magazine, Cake Craft Decoration, American Cake Decorating, Australia CAKE!, DIY Weddings Magazine, Pasteles de ensueño Spanish Magazine and other multiple online accolades.

To learn more about Hazel and her cakes, check out  Hazel Wong Cake Design.



GTZ Cake_pic01_edited_WLogo

This Mother Daughter Cake was made by Renay Presley Zamora from Sweetface Cakes in Tennessee.


GTZ Cake_pic04_edited_WLogo




This World AIDS Day cake was made by Nathasja Flapper from Flappergasted Cakes in Heerhugowaard, Netherlands.

Here is Nathasja’s description of her cake:

“This is Katura. A young woman who’s world is collapsing all around her. Her child in her arms died, because she could not get medication. Medication that now costs around 40 cents per day. That 40 cents could have saved her baby, just some lousy 40 cents. Imagine what she must feel.”

“I aimed my piece towards the deaths of children because of AIDS. Medications are very cheap these days. For US it is, not for them, not for the babies and their moms that are suffering from AIDS. A lot of these women don’t have the money, or resourses are simply too far away.”

“To make more contrast: We each spend between 1 and 10 dollars per day on just coffee, to keep us awake or just because of the habit or break during shopping. This is not right, medications are cheap and available, and still those mothers have to lose their children because they can’t get their hands on these meds. This needs to change.”

Nathasja’s description of her cake history:

“I am Nathasja Flapper from  Flabbergasted Cakes. I live in the Netherlands and am home based, I make cakes and give workshops in advanced cake decorating.  My specialty is 3D cakes, realism, figurines, animals in cake or toppers.”

“Im in business since april 2015, but already made cakes in 2014 for friends and family. I started somewhere end 2012/begin 2013, just tried it a few times and gave up, then tried some more and got the hang of it. Since then, it could not get crazy enough and soon I mostly did 3D cakes. I gave my first and second workshop in August this year. I love collaborations and competitions because they really allow me to do what I love, I can get as crazy as I want, without any restrictions, it really does bring up the real artist in me ;)”






This World AIDS Day cake was made by Marissa Sagun from Sophie’s Sweet Shop in California.

Marissa’s description of her cake history and some about herself:

“I am a native of beautiful Southern California.  I started making cakes in 2010 simply for fun and have always loved watching baking shows!  Watching artists create fondant style cakes seemed to be the coolest thing ever!  At first I simply wanted to challenge myself to see if I was capable of making a cake.  And when I did make my first fondant cake for my mother I realized that I was on to something.  Cakes are currently a part time passion.  When I’m not baking cakes I do have a regular 9 to 5 office job where I work as a Website Coordinator for my company’s IT Support Team.  I love to spend my weekends reading, hanging out with family & friends, listening to great music and also watching movies.  Sounds simple, I know, but I’ve got to admit that it doesn’t take much to make me happy!”

“I am such a big foodie person!  I have made it my mission to try as many different ethnic foods as possible.  It’s my way of exploring the world and experiencing cultures without having to get on an airplane.”

Marissa’s description of the inspiration of her cake:

“A lot of different inspirations came to mind when creating my design piece.  The tree for me represents life, history, and growth.  The ribbons as the leaves represents the unity in our stand against this terrible disease.  The globe representing the world and how HIV/AIDS has no barriers or color lines and how we have come together in this fight.  Lasty, it’s topped with a heart of hope.  Hope for a cure, hope for the end of this terrible disease, and a hope of generations born free of HIV.”


Cakes From The World AIDS Day Collaboration-Part 8

IMG_3767 high quality logo

This World AIDS Day cake was made by Sandra Amaral from My Sweet Art.


BeTeamRed – Inspire and Act to Create Change

BeTeamRed is a collaboration of 200 sugar artists from around the world focusing on World AIDS Day.  This is one post of a series of posts that feature edible creations of cakes and cookies for December 1st, i.e. World AIDS Day.

Please click on the links below to contribute to The Global Fund to support their war on HIV/AIDS , TB, and Malaria in countries in need. 


BonfireFund T Shirts

You can also purchase  UN Sugar Art Magazine  and  the UN Sugar Art Tutorial Booklet to support The Global Fund.

The World AIDS Day cake above was made by Sandra Amaral from  My Sweet Art in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Sandra Amaral started making cakes as a hobby in 2012 and one year ago she decided to make it official. She recently moved from Spain to London,and is trying to set up everything in London. In addition to cakes and cookie orders, she also teaches onsite classes, and online classes on her site,  My Sweet Art.

IMG_3770 logo

IMG_3774 logo

0IMG_4086retfondo blancocon logo

This Mother and Child Cake was made by Georgia Suter from Puckycakes in Roses, Spain.

Georgia was born in Germany and has been living in Spain for more than 44 years. She has had a passion for handcrafting since she was a little girl. Her first try in the fondant world was 5 years ago. She remembers, “I started to decorate my cakes with shaking hands almost near a hard attack with each new design”

Now, cake decorating is her job, her passion, her life. She loves to cover her imagination with sugar.


This Victorian Clock Cake was made by Shabana Tamboli from Sugar Artistry in Mumbai, India.

Shabana is a baker and a cake decorator tutor from India. She takes personalized cake orders and cake decorating workshops. Cake decorating started as a hobby and became her passion. She choose cake decorating as a profession over airlines. She got an opportunity to learn from great tutors at Squires Kitchen, Rosalind Chan from Malaysia, Eddie Spence.

When talking about the inspiration for her cake she says, “Zero is power, a new beginning, a life. And my contribution was inspired by the thought of, take a lead, walk, fight, care & cure towards zero HIV infection. And world walking towards zero, nothing better than time can depict it. Hence, my take for this collaboration is a Victoria clock in the shape of zero. My first hanging cake.”


Crystal  1

This Crystal Soul Mother and Child Cake was made by Francine Tartari from IsoCakes in Jukkasjärvi, Iceland

Her inspiration was water as a source of life.

For her cake “Crystal Soul”, she choose blue ice color because it means tranquility, serenity and a child’s soul in harmony in his eternal rest, She also chose it because it is associated with the coldness, boredom and depression, in which a woman finds herself after the loss of a child- pain that often becomes eternal.  She used sugar and isomalt to make the snow and ice for this cake because the water symbolizes life.