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An Interview With Angela Penta From Angela Penta Cakes

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Angela Penta From Angela Penta Cakes

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BeTeamRed is a collaboration of 200 sugar artists from around the world focusing on World AIDS Day.  The collaboration launches on December 1st, i.e. World AIDS Day.  As part of the countdown to the launch, for the next few days I’m going to be interviewing sugar artists who are new to collaborations.  Here is my interview with Angela Penta From Angela Penta Cakes.

1.Tell me about yourself. How long have you been decorating? Do you decorate professionally?

My name is Angela Penta.  I live in Italy, exactly in Terni, not far from Rome. I decorated my first cake 4 years ago for my brother’s birthday, I always liked to bake and with sugar paste it was love at first sight!!! After graduating in architecture have had some work experience very disappointing and I began to dedicate myself more and more to the cake design and I slowly discovered that decorate cakes makes me much happier than working in the building trade, the cakes are always associated to a moment of joy and celebration and happy faces of the children who receive the cake are amazing! Currently I collaborate occasionally with some pastry shops in my town. My family encouraged me to make a Facebook page dedicated to cakes, Angela Penta Cakes.

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2.Tell me about your piece. What was your inspiration? What is your piece made from and how did you make it?

With my cake I’ve tried to represent an optimistic view, the message I wanted to suggest is that everyone can be a part of change because to everyone is given the opportunity to help others, through the commitment of everyone it is possible help the fight against HIV. In the cake I have represented the world as a kind of building to represent the life of every day, populated by many children, who are examples with their innocence and genuineness. These children come from various parts of the world and are committed to collecting the red ribbons that symbolize the gesture that we all can do to support those who fight against HIV. All ribbons collected will all be put on the tree that surmounts the building to protect the mother and her child, to help him live healthy.

Since it took me a long time to do all the decorations would be much more complex to use a real cake so  the cake is a dummy and to cover and decorate  I used sugar paste.

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3.Tell me about being part of a collaboration for the first time. What are some of the challenges that you faced? What did you enjoy most about being in this collaboration?

This is my first collaboration and I’m really honored and happy to be part of it, is wonderful to see the creations of many artists and this pushes yourself to give the best of you! This collaboration has a theme really touching because we talk about kids and it was great to have the opportunity to do something for them.  I will never stop thanking Zawadi for inviting me to participate with all these fantastic artists.


Please click on the links below to contribute to The Global Fund to support their war on HIV/AIDS , TB, and Malaria in countries in need.

GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/beteamred

BonfireFund T Shirts: https://www.bonfirefunds.com/unsa-beteamred


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