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Superb Easy Baymax Bento Box Lunch

Baymax Bento Box

This Superb Easy Baymax Bento Box Lunch was made by Momo’s Obentou. Baymax was made using a single ball of rice with seaweed as Baymax’s eyes. 

Baymax’s head is at the top of the Bento Box or Kyaraben.  Below are green broccoli, a red tomato, brown meat balls, and orange carrot sticks to make and colorful and healthy lunch.

This Bento Box is an easy Kyaraben of Baymax. Kyaraben is another name for character bento. Kyarakuta Bento is a Japanese box lunch made to look like animals, plants, and pop culture characters. Kyaraben was originally created to encourage children to eat more healthy foods. Now there are national contests for Kyaraben.

This is the first is a series of Big Hero 6 cute Kyarben and other yummy Baymax treats.