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Top 10 Cakes in 2015

I thought it would be fun to begin 2016 by looking at the ten most popular cakes of 2015.  Without further ado, here is…


Frozen Fever 5th Birthday Cake

#10.  This gorgeous Frozen Fever Cake made by Carmen’s Art Cakes.  I really like how this birthday cake has the same basic design as Anna’s birthday cake from Frozen Fever.  My favorite part of this cake is the cute figure of Olaf eating Anna’s birthday cake.

Love Frozen? You’re not alone. Frozen was so popular in 2015 that Olaf will make another appearance before this countdown is over.


Minion Dave Cake

Minion mania is alive and well in the world of cake as you can see from #9.  This marvelous Minion Dave Cake made by My Sweet Obsession.  The mischievous look on Dave’s face is wonderful.  My Sweet Obsession needs to make a Grinch Who Stole Christmas Cake with the same facial expression and have him leaning on a Christmas present. 


Groot Cake


I believe that is translated as “coming in at #8 is this great Groot Cake made by Tattooed Bakers.”  I really like how this stunning Groot cake looks like it is made of wood not cake.


Olaf Cake

#7 is this Delightful Olaf Cake made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes.  While this is the last Frozen Cake in the countdown, Mike’s Amazing Cakes makes another appearance later on.



#6 is this wonderful Alice in Wonderland Cake made by Central Cake Member ChrisJack1.  This cake is so large I think the baker must have had a little of Alice’s Eat Me Cake before beginning on this cake.

We’re half way through the countdown.  What will be the most popular cake of 2105? I’m not telling, but I will say that heroes large and small dominate the rest of the countdown.


Batcave Cake

Holy Batcake Batman! #5 is this mindboggling Batcave Cake made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes.  The Batmobile is a limited edition collectors item, but everything else is cake.



Cowabunga Dude! #4 is this great Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday Cake made by Tea Party Cakes.  The figures of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael are terrific.


Lord of the Rings Cake and Cupcakes

Since Hobbits have seven meals each day, they have plenty of time for cake.  Coming in at #3 is this precious Lord of the Rings Cake and Cupcakes.  They were made by Love Is Cake.


Spider-Man 4th Birthday Cake

Coming in at #2 is Stan Lee’s favorite superhero!  This marvelous Spider-Man Cake was made by Marzia Caruso.  The Spider-Man figure is cool and I really like how the two layer cake looks like Spidey’s costume.

Drum Roll Please!

The moment you all have been waiting for….

Superhero Wedding Cake

The most popular cake of 2015, winning by more than 2 to 1, is this marvelous two-sided superhero wedding cake made by Mitchies Munchies.  One side is a traditional white wedding cake with purple flowers.  The other side features Thor, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America and the Hulk.  If you look carefully you can also see Wolverine’s claws sticking out the other side of the cake.  Congratulations Mitchie!!!