Alice in Wonderland

Superb Topsy Turvy Alice In Wonderland Cake

Alice In Wonderland Cake

This Superb Topsy Turvy Alice in Wonderland Cake was made by Magda’s Cakes. The bottom layer is pink with red hearts. It has fondant ribbon roses at the bottom. This layer reminds me of the Queen of Hearts. On the side of this layer is the white card from the Mad Hatter’s hat. This white card usually has 10/6, but this one has 19/8. I guessing it has something to do with the birthday age.

The next layer up is a purple striped layer that represents the Cheshire Cat. The Cheshire cat’s face and tail are on the side of the cake. There is a red and white polka dot mushroom beside the Cheshire cat and an Eat Me tag is hanging down from the layer above.

The next layer up is a cake layer shaped like a round tea table with ribbon roses and a mushroom at the bottom of the table and ribbon roses and red and white polka dot mushrooms on the top of the table. The tablecloth is pink with red dots. 

The very top layer of this Topsy Turvy birthday cake is an orange polka dot tea pot that sits on the tea table below. The teapot has a green top and a few green dots on the side.

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