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Wonderful Toy Story Tower Of Cupcakes

Toy Story Cupcakes

These Wonderful Toy Story Cupcakes were made by The Clever Little Cupcake Company. These Disney cupcakes were made for Cake International.

Mr. Potato Head and Slinky Dog are at the front of the cake board. There are cupcakes with Little Green Men all around. Three Peas in a Pod are topping other cupcakes. There are edible wooden toy blocks in the center of this cupcake tower. A great figure of Sheriff Woody is sitting on top of the top wooden block. The Baby monitor handset is on top of the wooden block beside him.

I liked the scene in Toy Story where the Green Army Men reported on Andy’s birthday presents to the toys in Andy’s room using this handset.

The upper platform has a string of edible christmas lights around the edge.

These Toy Story figures are absolutely amazing!

The wood grain for the cake board and the upper platform was made using a veining tool and the straight edges of the boards were done using a ruler.

These cupcakes are chocolate cupcakes and carrot cake cupcakes.

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