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An Interview With Zawadi Parizek About The United Nations of Sugar Art


My favorite part of blogging is the many friends that I have made. One of these friends is Zawadi Parizek, the founder of the United Nations of Sugar Art.

I conducted the interview with her about the United Nations of Sugar Art.

What is the United Nations of Sugar Art? How do you pick the charities that you support?

United Nations of Sugar Art (UNSA) is an international organization of Sugar Artists with over 450 volunteers. It is our goal to host annual fundraising collaborations in which members of UNSA can choose to participate in. These yearly events will take place throughout the Social Media landscape and will deal with issues that affect everyone.  Finding issues that affect us all has not been hard and I always welcome suggestions from members.  It’s finding the appropriate charity to fundraise for that is the greatest responsibility. The day that I decided to apply for non profit status and asked a group of friends to stick with me as administrators was the day we took on this responsibility. The members need to be able to trust that if we say, “we will be raising money for so and so” that the money will get to where it should and that the charity is in good standing with the international community.  We also don’t want to ask UNSA members in various countries to help raise money for a charity that their community would not benefit from so we look for International groups. 

What events has UNSA hosted in the past?
Be Team RED was our first Digital Event.  In honor of World Aids Day I wanted to support the campaign, “Getting to Zero” put into action in 2011 by our World Leaders in the hopes of having the 1st generation born without AIDS in 2015.  Though great strides have been made there are still children being born with HIV everyday.   A small pill that cost less than 40 cents a day and is known to be an effective cure by decreasing the transmission of HIV from mother to child during gestation and breast milk.  Yet it is not widely available and education is lacking. With 178 pieces including the ones you see below we hoped to compel people to donate to our chosen charity, The Global Fund.  

World AIDS Day Cake

This World AIDS Day cake was made by Marissa Sagun from Sophie’s Sweet Shop in California.


World AIDS Day Cake

This Mother and Child Cake was made by Robyn Salisbury from Mad Hen Cakes in Melbourne, Australia.

World AIDS Day Cake

This statue of a mother holding her child was made by Zelda Scafidas from Znique Creations in Perth, Australia.


World AIDS Day Cake

This World AIDS Day cake was made by Linda Kavanagh from Wooden Heart Cakes.

In conjunction with the generous donation made by Satin Ice, the sales of the 1st UNSA magazine, T-shirt sales, and donations from our many supporters we were able to raise over 2,200.00 dollars. I could not be more proud or honored to have worked with this amazing group of artists to accomplish this goal.

How can someone still donate?
Donate to the Global Fund

Purchase UNSA Magazine

What is the current UNSA collaboration and fundraiser?

The UNSA administration team and myself are busy preparing this year’s collaboration and fundraiser; “Acts of Green” for Earth Day April 22nd. Of our 500, UNSA members we currently have over 300 volunteers who belong to the “Acts of Green” collaboration.  It’s an exciting project that will take place the entire month of April leading up the the big reveal event April 22nd and I am hopeful for over 200 finished showpieces. This event will focus on the beauty of our planet, its animals, its people.  It will touch on the damage that is being done to our environment and how that damage is affecting humans and animals alike. 

Which charity is this collaboration supporting and why?

National Geographic Society was chosen because it is a global organization that reminds us what we are fighting for and believes in prevention,
“By supporting National Geographic Society we are giving to an organization that has made real efforts to not only help reverse the damage that has been done to the planet and it’s people through it’s Conservation Trust but also educate future generations to the importance of our planets preservation through funding the Young Explorers Programs and multiple Expedition Grants. “ Zawadi Parizek

How can someone learn more about how National Geographic is celebrating Earth Day?
To learn more about how the National Geographic is celebrating Earth Day everyday, visit National Geographic.

How can one donate to National Geographic?

Two ways to donate:

1.Direct donation to National Geographic 

2. For the whole month of April, 2016, UNSA will be holding exciting giveaways thanks to the generosity of our cake community.  Simply find the # of the item you would like to win and when you Donate at Acts of Green  include the # in your comments. Once we reach a set minimum for each item we will randomly draw a winner.  Donate $5.oo to enter and for every $5.00 you donate for one item you get an additional entry (more chances to win!!) Starting with our first sneak peek tomorrow!!!!

On Friday March 18th, 2016 head over to “ACTs of GREEN” Facebook page to see what donating could get you!!

What is your long term goal for UNSA?
My goal is to have UNSA become a nonprofit organization that is sought out to represent important issues facing our planet and its people. Our website will become a place of education and advocacy and each member of UNSA will be represented. We want to continue to build relationships with artists, charities and vendors and foster trust in our ability to honor our commitments.

For more information please contact the UNSA administration team at: unsugarart@gmail.com

and follow us on Social Media!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UNsugarArt 

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/unsugarart/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unsugarart/ 

Web: www.unsugarart.org


What will the next UNSA Collaboration be? And how can someone get involved?
Looking ahead to Oct 2017 in a partnership with Depressed Cake Shop, we will be dealing with the issues facing many with depression, anxiety, and mental illness for World Mental Health Day.  
For further information regarding any of our events and to become a member of UNSA please request to join UNSA-Main.

Zawadi, can you tell me a little bit about yourself and why you started UNSA?
I am a Cardiothoracic Operating Room Nurse and I created Honey Bunny Bake Shop about 3 years ago as a hobby and stress relief. Making tasty treats for friends and family became my 2nd “job” and unfortunately a bit overwhelming.  In June of 2015 I had to have rotator cuff surgery and while away I realized that I could design cool cakes, bake tasty treats once in awhile for friends and volunteer all at the same time through collaborations and fundraisers.  I’m hardwired to help people and founding UNSA let me do all the things I love within an amazing community.  

What are some fun facts that you have learned while running UNSA?
Some fun facts I’ve learned over the last year and a half…

-you can never start too early or be too organized

-I will ALWAYS make a spelling mistake

-Google translate will be your best friend

-you need help-it never hurts to ask

-people will always amaze you more than they will disappoint

-there is great strength in a community that acts together

-there will ALWAYS be someone who turns in their work the night before the reveal