Easter Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh Wishes Happy Easter To You!

Winnie the Pooh Easter Cake

This Fabulous Winnie the Pooh Easter cake was made by Le Torte di Barbarap.  Winnie the Pooh wishes Happy Easter to you on this fabulous Disney cake.  

Pooh is wearing his bunny ears while holding a newly hatched baby chick. The bunny ears are white with pink middles. The yellow chick has its wings outstretched and it has just popped out of a blue egg.

There is a brown wicker Easter basket with green leaves full of eggs beside Pooh. The basket has a pink bow tied onto the handle of the basket. The eggs are blue, red, and orange.  The top of the cake is green to represent grass. The top border of the cake is composed of green leaves, white daisies, and a pink butterfly in the front of the cake. A wooden brown fence section with a green vine and a pink butterfly is just behind Pooh.

The side of the cake is yellow. There are piles of gray rocks with green plants and white daisies that alternate with light brown wooden gates along the side of the cake. The cake board is yellow to match the side of the cake. There is a pink ribbon on the side of the cake board.

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