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Awesome LEGO Aquaman Cake

LEGO Aquaman Cake

This awesome LEGO Aquaman Cake was made by Lilás e Laranja.  Aquaman is wearing his classic costume with green pants, a yellow shirt, green gloves, and a yellow belt.  Aquaman has long blond hair and needs a shave.  He is carrying his trident.


LEGO Aquaman Cake

I was in the store the other day and was amazed to see that LEGO Aquaman is now one of the characters you can purchase for LEGO Dimensions.  The figure is great, but I don’t understand why Aquaman comes with an Aqua Watercraft.  Having him come with his seahorse (Storm) or walrus (Tusky) would have been much cooler.


LEGO Aquaman Cake

If you have any interest in Aquaman, I highly recommend visiting The Aquaman Shrine.  It is the best Aquaman site on the Internet.  I also highly recommend The Fire and Water Podcast.  This podcast centers on Aquaman and Firestorm, but the real draw is the amazing chemistry between the podcast’s hosts Rob and Shag.

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