Sugar Art for Autism

More Terrific Sugar Art For Autism Cakes

This is the second of a series of posts to highlight cakes and cookies from Sugar Art for Autism.

Sugar Art for Autism is a multi-faceted collaboration of 100 food artists from around the world who have come together to create a heartfelt and meaningful collection of edible art in honor of Autism Awareness.

Below are some of the wonderful edible creations. To see more, please visit Sugar Art For Autism.


Autism Cake Artistic Biscuits and Cake

This terrific cookies were made by Jules Carter of Artistic Biscuits & Cakes in Queensland, Australia.

Here’s Jules bio:

Jules started Artistic Biscuits & Cakes (formally ‘Experimental Cakes’) as an outlet to show her fusion style of cake, cookie and biscuit decorating methods.

Jules tells us about her cake:

I chose to make the exterior of my cookie cubes entirely white. Bright, harsh and clinical to represent the actual diagnosis of Autism itself and the worry, fear and blank answers this one word can bring. The true colours, complexity and beauty of an Autistic mind are shown on the inside. Just like a reflection in a mirror, there is a degree of separation between the ‘outside’ world and the inside mind, which is intrinsically unique to each individual. If you have met one person with Autism, you have met one person with Autism.


Autism Cake

This superb hand painted cake was made by Laylah Moore of For The Love of Cake.  It shows sunset at the sea.  There is a gull flying in the sky, a sailboat in the water, and lighthouse on the shore. 


Autism Cake Tartas Imposibles Isabel Tamargo

This fabulous cake was made by Isabel Tamargo of Tartas Imposibles.  The cake is a sheet cake designed to look like a wooden floor.  There is a young man sitting cross legged on the floor.  He has different colors of paint in his hands.  In front on him the words “Colour My World” are painted on the floor.  The figure of the young man is simply wonderful.


Autism Cake Sugarpatch Cakes Cheryl Moseley

This splendid cake was made by Cheryl Moseley of Sugarpatch Cakes.  It is a three layer cake.  The top layer is blue with a light blue, purple, and gold flower on it.  The second layer is gold with a pattern in it.  The bottom layer is a tree with little circular leaves. Most of the leaves are blue, purple, and gold, i.e. the colors used on the other two layers.  The wonderful use of color and texture on this cake makes it look extremely elegant. 


Spotty Cake Tin Michele Robinson

This superb cake was made by Michele Robinson of Spotty Cake Tin.  The cake features a drab brown road that leads to hearts that are the color of the rainbow.  Those hearts lead to a rainbow bridge that is surround by clouds.  At the end of the bridge, we see a girl sitting under a tree.  She looks like she is blowing bubbles.  But instead of bubbles, what is spreading out into the world are hearts that are the color of the rainbow.  The use of the backdrop and the contrast between the drab front of the cake and colorful back of the cake are absolutely wonderful.


Autism Cake Mayer s Cakes Mayer Rosales

This marvelous autism cake was made by Mayer Rosales of Mayer’s Cakes.  This cake is divide into two parts.  The bottom recreates artwork of an animal with mountains behind it.  I really like the use of colors on this layer.  The top of the cake is decorated with doors.  One of the doors has the following message “All doors open to new worlds”.

Please take a look at more Awesome edible works of Art at the Sugar Art For Autism.

Through their endeavors, the Sugar Artists in Sugar Art for Autism hope to shatter misconceptions, bring awareness to Autism and also draw people’s attention to The Global Autism Project  and National Autism Association, two well-deserving charities whose hard work and never ending efforts often go unnoticed. Please take a look a these charities and donate if you can.

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